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Monday, February 4, 2008

Wear it proud - covet thy inner punk

What can I say? I love that my Doc Martens still reside in my closet. I still have my collection of records that would thrill even the most dedicated punk and that my daughter is now discovering. I stumbled upon Knit-Head and felt a longing for a Descendents concert in a smoky dark club; I also wished I could knit.


In case you don’t get all that I am saying up there … these hats are just the end all be all to the inner rebel with a unique flair for accessories. The Mohawk hat is the featured hat and worn by Martin Gore of Depeche Mode and that’s just one celebrity. These babies are hot and it’s not just because a few celebs here and there are wearing them.


Let me tell you what I thought about it.

I received a red and black my daughter promptly took it over. This was a good thing. She has the utmost sensitive skin and cannot usually wear knit products and we have to stick with 100% cotton. Well, the little rebel with a flair for fashion said she would tough it out.

There was no need for her to tough it out!


The yarn was of such a quality that she had no issues and no breakouts. She said she got hot and itchy after she ran, but she would in any hat and I expected that. It keeps her head, ears and back of her neck warm like a “cup of coffee”, she says, and what’s better than that on a cool Colorado morning? Plus, she’s pretty cute laughing and giggling in a little Mohawk hat. The tie that keeps it under her chin is sturdy and stable enough to stay on during a long, hard recess.

Two thumbs up from mom and P.

As soon as she wore it to school, it was a hit, as was she. A few of the moms continued to think I gave her a little too much “freedom”, yes, that hat was the end all be all to that!

More parents asked where I got it than thought I was indulging her.

punk book

Anyway, Alyce Benevides and Jaqueline Milles found quite a need here for those knitters (they also have a book Pretty in Punk) one that many of us could not easily achieve. I know that I look at needles and I’m LOST! They inspire me to want to try though.

You get to design your own and there are a variety of colors to pick from, go get one now for you and a friend!

Solid Punk's Not Dead Baby

You are never too old for a Mohawk!

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