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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Warm up those limbs and look splendid while doing it

Until quite recently, I had never heard of BabyLegs. I wanted to see what the fuss was about after hearing about them on other blogs plus as prizes here and there.

The draw is tights without the annoying fit of tights! In addition, you can wear them on your arms to boot. You don’t have to be a girl; you can be anyone and anything to wear them. Yes, boys can wear them too especially in the variety of the patterns BabyLegs has to offer.

Now to the good stuff, I was lucky enough to test three pairs the cinnamon, super soft rainbow, and blue polka dots. I must say that the super soft were just that and I like the feel over the normal BabyLegs. I can be a fabric snob, not that the other ones were anything to shake a stick (all are soft and comfortable, trust me!) at but wow, the silky feeling and of the super soft was something to brag about.

First off, the cinnamon ones were a favorite of my 8-year old, red is her favorite color. Debating between the legs and arms was the hardest part. She wore them on more than one occasion and favors them on the arms. They were great with a short sleeve shirt, warm and comfortable, (okay, I tried them on too - maybe wore them around the house) perfect for a classroom that may get a bit hot. You can take them off and on no more getting hot in a long sleeve shirt. Super soft rainbow were in favor by my six-year old who preferred the legs. She loves her skirts and its winter here in Colorado, so MITK makes her wear tights. She hates the confining feeling of them across her stomach and doesn’t want to wear leggings every single time so I had a dilemma on what to do. Then we were lucky enough to test something new and exciting that may have been the answer. She’s very picky, and shopping for her can be so stressful. She’s addicted to these Baby’s now!

BabyLegs offers the comforts such as they are super soft, quick access for potty training, saves their knees from crawling and I have yet to notice ant wear and tear and fading. Now I can’t vouch one hundred percent for the elasticity between washings they seem to hold up quite well, and the fading seems okay, but I didn’t wash them more then four or five times. Most cotton does after a bit keep that in mind.

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