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Monday, February 18, 2008

Trixie the Trunki

5 at trafficlights
I got a little chuckle when I opened my Trunki package. It was built sturdy, hard, and it had these little ears like a dog. It was wide and more than anything it’s totally kid friendly plus I can go on and on. The thing was named Trixie.

pink side
We have a bulldog named Trixie.

The build of the Trunki and Trixie are one and the same.

That’s where the similarities end.

Trunki is much more mobile for one.

Trunki doesn’t snore.

Trixie, the dog, isn’t a fan of being sat on and dragged around the house; we have yet to test out the airport theory.

towing terrance
So where to begin? You can use this carry on approved suitcase for all your children’s needs even just for the flight. Ipods, coloring books, blankness, stuffed I can’t be without, snacks, drinks, books to read whatever will keep those minds full!

cornering trixie
How much can you pull around on a Trunki you ask? They are so durable they can hold up to 110 pounds. I can pull both my six and eight year old for now. No more waiting for the slower one, the window shopper, the temper tantrum to catch up! Nope none of that, you can give them a ride on Terrance or Trixie Trunki and cut down on travel time buy minutes possibly even an hour if you have one like me, “Mom I need chocolate, a magazine, new hair stuff, etc …”


It’s a suitcase that you can pull, push, and ride on. The 5-gallon capacity may sound small but when you are packing for someone that doesn’t have that much to bring it lends itself plenty of room. Since this is a carry-on, you don’t need to use it for a weeks worth of clothing and toiletries.

pink wrap
Can the kids handle it themselves? Yes. Would I advise one sibling pushing the other? No, you never know if there is trouble brewing under the surface they need to settle. Okay, that may be an extreme case but you catch my drift. Leave it to the parents or the older person in charge until all the semantics are fully worked out.

pink open full

Trunki is conclusion is a sturdy, well built suitcase that I think is a great choice for families to use as it makes children responsible for what they pick and can handle their own carry on luggage. I loved the idea.

double tow terrance
It is recommended for children ages 3 to 6 years old; mine are 6 and 8 years old. My 8 year old was fine with it, but it’s definitely on a case-by-case basis. Neither of my girls weighs 50lbs just yet.

pink front

Oh, and we don’t travel a lot.

towing trixie
The comparison to the Bulldog is still eerie, but she’s also built sturdy and can handle a lot of weight (she’s a little chubby). I don’t think that was their influence. I think it is fun, useful, and convenient. I’m recommending them to all the moms I know about to hit spring break.

pink back
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