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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tattooed kids, just not forever … yet!


Kids see tattoos everywhere and now they seem to want them. Mine are always asking for the temporary ones. Sharks, dolphins, hearts and flowers, whatever they find full of sparkles and glitter! Well, I was about over it and going to ban them from my house until I heard about these Tattoos For Tots. Yes, they are still temporary tattoos but you are learning as you wear it. That made it something I wanted to test, try and learn more about.


First off let me tell you I hate glitter, and these don’t have glitter in them parents! That’s a plus and then some for this Mom in the Know! The rest was easy and simply enough for my children to do themselves.


Let’s walk through the steps and I’ll tell you about the unique, eye-catching and child friendly designs.

I was delighted to see that all of the words and pictures were simplistic enough for a toddler to build their vocabulary while enjoying the temporary tattoo! They are separated into several different categories such as:
  • Sky Elements: moon, sun cloud, star.
  • Zoo Animals: elephant, monkey, zebra, lion.
  • Vehicles: car, train, truck, bus.
  • Fruit: orange, strawberry, banana, apple.
  • Ocean animals: shark, sea star, fish, whale.
  • Nature: rainbow, tree, leaf, flower.
So not only do they learn what they are but a category they belong in? What is a train? A vehicle a mode of transportation, a strawberry is a fruit. I’m quite impressed by that idea the learning behind the fun and I can’t say that enough.


The application process of the tattoo was quite easy and I watched my girls do it, they are six and seven so I think that age is just about right. It’s up to ever parent of course I just make the suggestions!


The colors and designs are stunning and the pictures are ones that children should be attracted to and adore. Imagine red and orange fishes, green whales, pink stars, blue teapots, cupcakes with sprinkles all describing what they are on it for kids and parents of all ages!

Removal of the tattoo is easy too! Just a little rubbing alcohol or baby oil (I like the baby oil as it leaves the skin soft!)


Check them out! Start shopping now Tattoos for Tots!

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