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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eat, dress, and be carried.

Sourpuss Clothing is not your average clothing store. Why? They offer every thing you can think of and to a parent who doesn’t want to dress their kids in chain store clothing. What did I get to review? A feeding set, knit hat, socks and a diaper bag.

feeding set spk

For the little girl who has a little sass and class, and wants to eat on her own the pink webbed skull feeding set is a pleasant step away from the norm. It was useful, the silverware wasn’t metal like other sets, and the plate and bowl didn’t fade after washings. The plate and bowl were serving size appropriate and didn’t break after dropped them several times to check, on my bamboo floors and no cracks even. The downfall is that these are not microwave safe, but then no item like this is - not even the ones that are in your kitchen now!

skp hats

A knit Daddy hat adorable as it is, I have to say one thing loved it but... the poms on the top fell off right away. It happens and I know that nothing knit is guaranteed. It was just frustrating and my adorable little tester was so cute in it running around, it wasn’t fair. Otherwise, it withstood all tests of washing, drying, playing, and being a MITK product. Just be warned if you order it, the poms may be loose!

spk socks

You have to keep those tootsies warm, so here are so mom socks! Wear and tear not like anything you’ve ever known until it comes to socks. Running, playing, shoes, even just walking you know what happens. These socks are 70% cotton, 20% nylon, and 10% spandex so the wear and tear is minimal is nonexistent. They are a tad slippery and do not have non-slip tread but not a lot of socks do these days.

skp diaper bag

My favorite item to test was the diaper bag! It’s so funky and cool and has a matching changing pad. LOVE IT! Lined with red satin, it stands out in a crowd making you the hip and funky parent and not falling by the wayside.

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