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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Art of Fun

If you are a kid, life is all about fun. You want school to be fun, you want lunch to be fun, and you want chores to be fun. Life needs to be fun.

As parents, we often lose sight of that. The arduous demands of work, whether at the office or at home, and the mundane tasks that fill our days can all but eliminate our ability to find the joy in these daily events.

Fortunately, Jeeto! is here to help us all in more ways than you can imagine, and they’ll make sure you have fun along the way.

Jeeto! is a Los Angeles-based company “dedicated to creating products that enrich environments through imagery and imagination.” In it’s essence, Jeeto! is in the business of art, creating original fine art collections that offer simple yet elegant designs and images that would bring a smile to all. However, while the art is fantastic, it is the way Jeeto! puts that art to use that will bring parents to a state of euphoria.

Jeeto! is the product of various inspirations, including images that conjure memories of youth produced in styles reminiscent of more modern pop or graffiti styles. The result is an impressive catalog of products referred to as the Jeeto! Home Collection, a gathering of canvassed art silk screened by hand backed by various colors, all set on 1 ½” thick pine frames. These pictures are available in two sizes (9” x 12”, 18” x 24”), come in a variety of colors, and carry a wide variety of images, all associated with the loves and passions of our children

Whether it is the homemade tree house set firmly in the upper reaches of the elm tree in the back yard, the animals we visit at the local zoo, the steam engine trains that run on tracks we build in our living rooms, or the cupcakes we yearn to shares with friends at our birthday parties, the images are ingrained in our memories and now are honored on the canvas artworks of Jeeto!

To enhance the experience and broaden the message, Jeeto! also offers much of their artwork in the form of T-shirts. Known as the “to go! Collection,” these shirts are offered with a variety of prints, most of which descend from the print art they offer. They also offer shirts in a variety of styles, including the traditional short-sleeve version, a long-sleeve tee, and the always popular one-piece for the infant in need of stylish gear. Any size you could need or want is available, any color to match any outfit is there for the taking, and the quality is superior.

To be honest, when I first heard from the fine folks at Jeeto!, I didn’t put too much thought into it… while it sounded great, there are so many folks out there making t-shirts and such for our kids, it didn’t strike me that this would be an example too far off the beaten path. The artwork is certainly a different offering, and they were very gracious in sending me a wonderful screen piece of a drum set for my daughter (she LOVES music and is so proud to have that in her room).

However, when the shirt arrived, I was taken back a bit. They sent a couple of shirts, one for each of my daughters to put to use and test out… and they love them. However, the images strike me.

The first, worn by my youngest, carries a picture of a tree house in a large elm tree. I once had a play place just like that as a child, and the wonderful memories of my youth, experiences and events that I have not thought about for so many years, all came rushing back. The emotion of love for that tree house… I had forgotten that feeling so long ago, and this shirt reminded me of the fun I used to enjoy back then.

The other shirt, worn by my oldest, carries a picture a campsite, and once again, the memories of my youth and the innocence, laughter, and unadulterated pleasure I once enjoyed as child camping with my family came to mind. It is a great shirt and my lil’ girl loves it to death… but for me, that image carries so much more meaning and allows me to remember a time when life was much easier, and those are experiences I pass down to my children today.

To add one more positive note to this review, I would be remiss if I didn’t note one more OUTSTANDING feature the folks at Jeeto! have to offer.

So many of our children struggle with allergies and various dietary concerns that few realize could be an issue. To help in the crusade for health, Jeeto! has come up with several pieces of artwork that translate those concerns and needs in a highly informative yet fashionable way. T-shirts with stylish emblems warning of our children’s dietary restrictions, such as “No Peanuts Please,” or “Dairy Free,” or “Gluten Free”. There is a wide assortment of such warnings available on not only t-shirts, but also as patches that can be purchased and sewn on to backpacks or clothes or other articles your children might wear. It is a brilliant idea, and for this Jeeto! gets a huge round of applause from us at Mom In The Know.

The website is easy to remember: There you will find their full catalog of products and offerings, the various options you have to choose from, press releases and information about the company, a helpful store locator to assist in the effort to find these products in your area (though, of course, you can order online), and a great section of free downloads for your desktop and computer, a great way to enjoy the art and images Jeeto! has to offer.

Check ‘em out today folks. Finding a good T-shirt can be harder than you think, but finding one that is stylish, memorable, fun, and, if needed, informative and healthy… now that is hard to beat!

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