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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Allison Aruta Necklaces

The fact I rarely even wear my wedding ring should give you a hint as to how I feel about jewelry. I have a few other pieces here and there, gifts and a friend is a rep from a company so I have one or two things there. This much I can admit to, I didn’t own necklaces. I felt that I have the torso that was unbecoming for most necklaces and I can’t wear ones that are deep or low as I don’t have any thing to show them off (yes, you all know what I mean). I love the way these necklaces look on someone like me, they are for everybody and every body shape. Thank you, Allison!


Allison Aruta makes designs for everyone and every body type. Moms go crazy for the necklaces. I have tried the Sweet Silver Circle with initial.

They are simple, yet refined so you can wear for any occasion. I’ve worn them to school to get the kids and out on a nice dinner. They are available in Men’s also if you want to get one for Dad. Another thing about the jewelry that I think is too cute for words is the Sweet Silver Paw Print for the animal lovers. Being mom to both a bulldog and a black lab, I may have to order these quite soon so they don’t feel neglected. The diversity of her line is phenomenal and rarely found in such a creative one. Allison also makes an entire line of sweet silver necklaces, which are unique one-of-a-kind pieces that I don’t see in my local mall of jeweler. If you want to order more than one initial, then the Sweet Silver set of 4 is just the piece for you.


She also offers bracelets, bridal, anklets, earrings, rings, and a men’s line.

This happens to be my favorite part of all of her designs though. It touches my heart in such a profound way I can’t begin to tell you. Allison’s DoGoodJewelry is a line she focuses on children’s charities specifically Autism. In addition to Autism, she works for WITS wellness in the schools as well as kids and cars awareness. What Allison does for these charities is donate her design services and create fundraising jewelry for them, sell it on her site, and donate back a portion of the proceeds.


Allison works hand in hand with one charity What Kind of World you Want? with John Ondrasik from Five for Fighting. To date, the charity has raised $166,091.

Lyrically inspired by his song “World” and his charity site,
Allison designed a bracelet for John Ondrasik. He endorses and promotes the bracelet with a link to Allison's site from the website.

Autism touches more of us than one realizes so I have to get behind this cause. Please if you don’t buy from her, donate to this charity. Researching Autism is so important and it’s never ending. It’s such a broad spectrum that it’s never enough.

Allison promotes fundraising and awareness through doGOODjewelry.

All of Allison's designs are fantastic and you can’t go wrong with whatever you purchase for yourself or a loved one. I hope you do buy and enjoy.

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