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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Warm up those limbs and look splendid while doing it

Until quite recently, I had never heard of BabyLegs. I wanted to see what the fuss was about after hearing about them on other blogs plus as prizes here and there.

The draw is tights without the annoying fit of tights! In addition, you can wear them on your arms to boot. You don’t have to be a girl; you can be anyone and anything to wear them. Yes, boys can wear them too especially in the variety of the patterns BabyLegs has to offer.

Now to the good stuff, I was lucky enough to test three pairs the cinnamon, super soft rainbow, and blue polka dots. I must say that the super soft were just that and I like the feel over the normal BabyLegs. I can be a fabric snob, not that the other ones were anything to shake a stick (all are soft and comfortable, trust me!) at but wow, the silky feeling and of the super soft was something to brag about.

First off, the cinnamon ones were a favorite of my 8-year old, red is her favorite color. Debating between the legs and arms was the hardest part. She wore them on more than one occasion and favors them on the arms. They were great with a short sleeve shirt, warm and comfortable, (okay, I tried them on too - maybe wore them around the house) perfect for a classroom that may get a bit hot. You can take them off and on no more getting hot in a long sleeve shirt. Super soft rainbow were in favor by my six-year old who preferred the legs. She loves her skirts and its winter here in Colorado, so MITK makes her wear tights. She hates the confining feeling of them across her stomach and doesn’t want to wear leggings every single time so I had a dilemma on what to do. Then we were lucky enough to test something new and exciting that may have been the answer. She’s very picky, and shopping for her can be so stressful. She’s addicted to these Baby’s now!

BabyLegs offers the comforts such as they are super soft, quick access for potty training, saves their knees from crawling and I have yet to notice ant wear and tear and fading. Now I can’t vouch one hundred percent for the elasticity between washings they seem to hold up quite well, and the fading seems okay, but I didn’t wash them more then four or five times. Most cotton does after a bit keep that in mind.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Art of Fun

If you are a kid, life is all about fun. You want school to be fun, you want lunch to be fun, and you want chores to be fun. Life needs to be fun.

As parents, we often lose sight of that. The arduous demands of work, whether at the office or at home, and the mundane tasks that fill our days can all but eliminate our ability to find the joy in these daily events.

Fortunately, Jeeto! is here to help us all in more ways than you can imagine, and they’ll make sure you have fun along the way.

Jeeto! is a Los Angeles-based company “dedicated to creating products that enrich environments through imagery and imagination.” In it’s essence, Jeeto! is in the business of art, creating original fine art collections that offer simple yet elegant designs and images that would bring a smile to all. However, while the art is fantastic, it is the way Jeeto! puts that art to use that will bring parents to a state of euphoria.

Jeeto! is the product of various inspirations, including images that conjure memories of youth produced in styles reminiscent of more modern pop or graffiti styles. The result is an impressive catalog of products referred to as the Jeeto! Home Collection, a gathering of canvassed art silk screened by hand backed by various colors, all set on 1 ½” thick pine frames. These pictures are available in two sizes (9” x 12”, 18” x 24”), come in a variety of colors, and carry a wide variety of images, all associated with the loves and passions of our children

Whether it is the homemade tree house set firmly in the upper reaches of the elm tree in the back yard, the animals we visit at the local zoo, the steam engine trains that run on tracks we build in our living rooms, or the cupcakes we yearn to shares with friends at our birthday parties, the images are ingrained in our memories and now are honored on the canvas artworks of Jeeto!

To enhance the experience and broaden the message, Jeeto! also offers much of their artwork in the form of T-shirts. Known as the “to go! Collection,” these shirts are offered with a variety of prints, most of which descend from the print art they offer. They also offer shirts in a variety of styles, including the traditional short-sleeve version, a long-sleeve tee, and the always popular one-piece for the infant in need of stylish gear. Any size you could need or want is available, any color to match any outfit is there for the taking, and the quality is superior.

To be honest, when I first heard from the fine folks at Jeeto!, I didn’t put too much thought into it… while it sounded great, there are so many folks out there making t-shirts and such for our kids, it didn’t strike me that this would be an example too far off the beaten path. The artwork is certainly a different offering, and they were very gracious in sending me a wonderful screen piece of a drum set for my daughter (she LOVES music and is so proud to have that in her room).

However, when the shirt arrived, I was taken back a bit. They sent a couple of shirts, one for each of my daughters to put to use and test out… and they love them. However, the images strike me.

The first, worn by my youngest, carries a picture of a tree house in a large elm tree. I once had a play place just like that as a child, and the wonderful memories of my youth, experiences and events that I have not thought about for so many years, all came rushing back. The emotion of love for that tree house… I had forgotten that feeling so long ago, and this shirt reminded me of the fun I used to enjoy back then.

The other shirt, worn by my oldest, carries a picture a campsite, and once again, the memories of my youth and the innocence, laughter, and unadulterated pleasure I once enjoyed as child camping with my family came to mind. It is a great shirt and my lil’ girl loves it to death… but for me, that image carries so much more meaning and allows me to remember a time when life was much easier, and those are experiences I pass down to my children today.

To add one more positive note to this review, I would be remiss if I didn’t note one more OUTSTANDING feature the folks at Jeeto! have to offer.

So many of our children struggle with allergies and various dietary concerns that few realize could be an issue. To help in the crusade for health, Jeeto! has come up with several pieces of artwork that translate those concerns and needs in a highly informative yet fashionable way. T-shirts with stylish emblems warning of our children’s dietary restrictions, such as “No Peanuts Please,” or “Dairy Free,” or “Gluten Free”. There is a wide assortment of such warnings available on not only t-shirts, but also as patches that can be purchased and sewn on to backpacks or clothes or other articles your children might wear. It is a brilliant idea, and for this Jeeto! gets a huge round of applause from us at Mom In The Know.

The website is easy to remember: There you will find their full catalog of products and offerings, the various options you have to choose from, press releases and information about the company, a helpful store locator to assist in the effort to find these products in your area (though, of course, you can order online), and a great section of free downloads for your desktop and computer, a great way to enjoy the art and images Jeeto! has to offer.

Check ‘em out today folks. Finding a good T-shirt can be harder than you think, but finding one that is stylish, memorable, fun, and, if needed, informative and healthy… now that is hard to beat!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eat, dress, and be carried.

Sourpuss Clothing is not your average clothing store. Why? They offer every thing you can think of and to a parent who doesn’t want to dress their kids in chain store clothing. What did I get to review? A feeding set, knit hat, socks and a diaper bag.

feeding set spk

For the little girl who has a little sass and class, and wants to eat on her own the pink webbed skull feeding set is a pleasant step away from the norm. It was useful, the silverware wasn’t metal like other sets, and the plate and bowl didn’t fade after washings. The plate and bowl were serving size appropriate and didn’t break after dropped them several times to check, on my bamboo floors and no cracks even. The downfall is that these are not microwave safe, but then no item like this is - not even the ones that are in your kitchen now!

skp hats

A knit Daddy hat adorable as it is, I have to say one thing loved it but... the poms on the top fell off right away. It happens and I know that nothing knit is guaranteed. It was just frustrating and my adorable little tester was so cute in it running around, it wasn’t fair. Otherwise, it withstood all tests of washing, drying, playing, and being a MITK product. Just be warned if you order it, the poms may be loose!

spk socks

You have to keep those tootsies warm, so here are so mom socks! Wear and tear not like anything you’ve ever known until it comes to socks. Running, playing, shoes, even just walking you know what happens. These socks are 70% cotton, 20% nylon, and 10% spandex so the wear and tear is minimal is nonexistent. They are a tad slippery and do not have non-slip tread but not a lot of socks do these days.

skp diaper bag

My favorite item to test was the diaper bag! It’s so funky and cool and has a matching changing pad. LOVE IT! Lined with red satin, it stands out in a crowd making you the hip and funky parent and not falling by the wayside.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Trixie the Trunki

5 at trafficlights
I got a little chuckle when I opened my Trunki package. It was built sturdy, hard, and it had these little ears like a dog. It was wide and more than anything it’s totally kid friendly plus I can go on and on. The thing was named Trixie.

pink side
We have a bulldog named Trixie.

The build of the Trunki and Trixie are one and the same.

That’s where the similarities end.

Trunki is much more mobile for one.

Trunki doesn’t snore.

Trixie, the dog, isn’t a fan of being sat on and dragged around the house; we have yet to test out the airport theory.

towing terrance
So where to begin? You can use this carry on approved suitcase for all your children’s needs even just for the flight. Ipods, coloring books, blankness, stuffed I can’t be without, snacks, drinks, books to read whatever will keep those minds full!

cornering trixie
How much can you pull around on a Trunki you ask? They are so durable they can hold up to 110 pounds. I can pull both my six and eight year old for now. No more waiting for the slower one, the window shopper, the temper tantrum to catch up! Nope none of that, you can give them a ride on Terrance or Trixie Trunki and cut down on travel time buy minutes possibly even an hour if you have one like me, “Mom I need chocolate, a magazine, new hair stuff, etc …”


It’s a suitcase that you can pull, push, and ride on. The 5-gallon capacity may sound small but when you are packing for someone that doesn’t have that much to bring it lends itself plenty of room. Since this is a carry-on, you don’t need to use it for a weeks worth of clothing and toiletries.

pink wrap
Can the kids handle it themselves? Yes. Would I advise one sibling pushing the other? No, you never know if there is trouble brewing under the surface they need to settle. Okay, that may be an extreme case but you catch my drift. Leave it to the parents or the older person in charge until all the semantics are fully worked out.

pink open full

Trunki is conclusion is a sturdy, well built suitcase that I think is a great choice for families to use as it makes children responsible for what they pick and can handle their own carry on luggage. I loved the idea.

double tow terrance
It is recommended for children ages 3 to 6 years old; mine are 6 and 8 years old. My 8 year old was fine with it, but it’s definitely on a case-by-case basis. Neither of my girls weighs 50lbs just yet.

pink front

Oh, and we don’t travel a lot.

towing trixie
The comparison to the Bulldog is still eerie, but she’s also built sturdy and can handle a lot of weight (she’s a little chubby). I don’t think that was their influence. I think it is fun, useful, and convenient. I’m recommending them to all the moms I know about to hit spring break.

pink back
For Further Information, contact Rachel Stephens at
Tel: 202-364-4441
For Product Information visit

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Allison Aruta Necklaces

The fact I rarely even wear my wedding ring should give you a hint as to how I feel about jewelry. I have a few other pieces here and there, gifts and a friend is a rep from a company so I have one or two things there. This much I can admit to, I didn’t own necklaces. I felt that I have the torso that was unbecoming for most necklaces and I can’t wear ones that are deep or low as I don’t have any thing to show them off (yes, you all know what I mean). I love the way these necklaces look on someone like me, they are for everybody and every body shape. Thank you, Allison!


Allison Aruta makes designs for everyone and every body type. Moms go crazy for the necklaces. I have tried the Sweet Silver Circle with initial.

They are simple, yet refined so you can wear for any occasion. I’ve worn them to school to get the kids and out on a nice dinner. They are available in Men’s also if you want to get one for Dad. Another thing about the jewelry that I think is too cute for words is the Sweet Silver Paw Print for the animal lovers. Being mom to both a bulldog and a black lab, I may have to order these quite soon so they don’t feel neglected. The diversity of her line is phenomenal and rarely found in such a creative one. Allison also makes an entire line of sweet silver necklaces, which are unique one-of-a-kind pieces that I don’t see in my local mall of jeweler. If you want to order more than one initial, then the Sweet Silver set of 4 is just the piece for you.


She also offers bracelets, bridal, anklets, earrings, rings, and a men’s line.

This happens to be my favorite part of all of her designs though. It touches my heart in such a profound way I can’t begin to tell you. Allison’s DoGoodJewelry is a line she focuses on children’s charities specifically Autism. In addition to Autism, she works for WITS wellness in the schools as well as kids and cars awareness. What Allison does for these charities is donate her design services and create fundraising jewelry for them, sell it on her site, and donate back a portion of the proceeds.


Allison works hand in hand with one charity What Kind of World you Want? with John Ondrasik from Five for Fighting. To date, the charity has raised $166,091.

Lyrically inspired by his song “World” and his charity site,
Allison designed a bracelet for John Ondrasik. He endorses and promotes the bracelet with a link to Allison's site from the website.

Autism touches more of us than one realizes so I have to get behind this cause. Please if you don’t buy from her, donate to this charity. Researching Autism is so important and it’s never ending. It’s such a broad spectrum that it’s never enough.

Allison promotes fundraising and awareness through doGOODjewelry.

All of Allison's designs are fantastic and you can’t go wrong with whatever you purchase for yourself or a loved one. I hope you do buy and enjoy.

Contacting Allison... | |

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Stickin’ it to ya

I like easy and simple. As parents, don’t we all? How many parties do your kids get invited to? Teacher’s gifts do you have to give or just gifts in general? More then likely a plethora if they are in school or even daycare you have a lot of events. So what do you do, buy cards for all of them? I forget that part. Yep, I do. Especially when they are usually $3.00 a pop it adds up. CardStix are an innovative new way to tell someone what you want but much less expensive and much more creative. At the cost of about $1.00/ea you can stock up for the year.


Now that I got that out of the way, what are they you are probably wondering?

They are a peel and stick greeting card! What? A peel and stick greeting card with a creative illustration and copy. You can stick it to a present, gift bag, wine bottle, and baskets. Your card won’t get lost in the mix; it’s a “green” choice.


A great idea for treat bags at your parties as your thank you and no one will get mixed as to whose is whose. Yes, they even stick to organza.


You can have cards made for any occasion you pick:
You can personalize them to whoever you want for just a few dollars more.

So if you want to just stick it on and go, just order a pack and make your life that much more simple. I know I’m going to simplify my greeting life!


CardStix is happy to offer Mom in The Know customers a 10% discount using coupon code: momknow10


Thank you CardStix!

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tattooed kids, just not forever … yet!


Kids see tattoos everywhere and now they seem to want them. Mine are always asking for the temporary ones. Sharks, dolphins, hearts and flowers, whatever they find full of sparkles and glitter! Well, I was about over it and going to ban them from my house until I heard about these Tattoos For Tots. Yes, they are still temporary tattoos but you are learning as you wear it. That made it something I wanted to test, try and learn more about.


First off let me tell you I hate glitter, and these don’t have glitter in them parents! That’s a plus and then some for this Mom in the Know! The rest was easy and simply enough for my children to do themselves.


Let’s walk through the steps and I’ll tell you about the unique, eye-catching and child friendly designs.

I was delighted to see that all of the words and pictures were simplistic enough for a toddler to build their vocabulary while enjoying the temporary tattoo! They are separated into several different categories such as:
  • Sky Elements: moon, sun cloud, star.
  • Zoo Animals: elephant, monkey, zebra, lion.
  • Vehicles: car, train, truck, bus.
  • Fruit: orange, strawberry, banana, apple.
  • Ocean animals: shark, sea star, fish, whale.
  • Nature: rainbow, tree, leaf, flower.
So not only do they learn what they are but a category they belong in? What is a train? A vehicle a mode of transportation, a strawberry is a fruit. I’m quite impressed by that idea the learning behind the fun and I can’t say that enough.


The application process of the tattoo was quite easy and I watched my girls do it, they are six and seven so I think that age is just about right. It’s up to ever parent of course I just make the suggestions!


The colors and designs are stunning and the pictures are ones that children should be attracted to and adore. Imagine red and orange fishes, green whales, pink stars, blue teapots, cupcakes with sprinkles all describing what they are on it for kids and parents of all ages!

Removal of the tattoo is easy too! Just a little rubbing alcohol or baby oil (I like the baby oil as it leaves the skin soft!)


Check them out! Start shopping now Tattoos for Tots!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mom In The Know as a widget

Now you can have Mom In The Know on your website (in the sidebar).


Monday, February 4, 2008

Wear it proud - covet thy inner punk

What can I say? I love that my Doc Martens still reside in my closet. I still have my collection of records that would thrill even the most dedicated punk and that my daughter is now discovering. I stumbled upon Knit-Head and felt a longing for a Descendents concert in a smoky dark club; I also wished I could knit.


In case you don’t get all that I am saying up there … these hats are just the end all be all to the inner rebel with a unique flair for accessories. The Mohawk hat is the featured hat and worn by Martin Gore of Depeche Mode and that’s just one celebrity. These babies are hot and it’s not just because a few celebs here and there are wearing them.


Let me tell you what I thought about it.

I received a red and black my daughter promptly took it over. This was a good thing. She has the utmost sensitive skin and cannot usually wear knit products and we have to stick with 100% cotton. Well, the little rebel with a flair for fashion said she would tough it out.

There was no need for her to tough it out!


The yarn was of such a quality that she had no issues and no breakouts. She said she got hot and itchy after she ran, but she would in any hat and I expected that. It keeps her head, ears and back of her neck warm like a “cup of coffee”, she says, and what’s better than that on a cool Colorado morning? Plus, she’s pretty cute laughing and giggling in a little Mohawk hat. The tie that keeps it under her chin is sturdy and stable enough to stay on during a long, hard recess.

Two thumbs up from mom and P.

As soon as she wore it to school, it was a hit, as was she. A few of the moms continued to think I gave her a little too much “freedom”, yes, that hat was the end all be all to that!

More parents asked where I got it than thought I was indulging her.

punk book

Anyway, Alyce Benevides and Jaqueline Milles found quite a need here for those knitters (they also have a book Pretty in Punk) one that many of us could not easily achieve. I know that I look at needles and I’m LOST! They inspire me to want to try though.

You get to design your own and there are a variety of colors to pick from, go get one now for you and a friend!

Solid Punk's Not Dead Baby

You are never too old for a Mohawk!

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

winners of Mom In The Know bloggy giveaway

First name and choice of prize- Natasha Phillips
Second name and choice- Melanie Wiginton
Third name and choice- Lissete Diaz
Forth name and choice- Alexa (chappyandalexa)
and last name and remaining prize- Susan Bywater

Congratulations Winners!!

Please contact me asap, with your first three choices. BY the order your name was drawn is how prizes are awarded.

So First name has first choice.
Second name has second choice.
Third ... third choice ... etc.

If your name comes up and your prize has been picked I will contact you.

I will need your email, name, address.

You have until THURSDAY FEBRUARY 7TH 2008 @ 9 PM MST or your prize is forfeited . The Prizes are as follows:

Big Pink Cookie Company 25.00 gift certificate.
Pangea Organics face mask
Busy Body Book Organizer
Surprise Package from MITK
Foot Petals Stiletto Survival Kit

For more information read previous posts.

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