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Monday, January 28, 2008

Why I loved 2007 … MITK favorite thing of the year

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(Find the Bloggy prize below.)

Technically we were only up for part of the year, but in that time I tested quite a few products. I worked with several vendors, customer service and marketing agencies and the one who went above and beyond for me was The Big Pink Cookie Company.

VDay_2homepage pink cookies company

On the initial order they sent, my dog ate the product. My 100lb black lab jumped on the marble counter and pulled the beautify wrapped box to him by the bow and went to town on a peanut butter cookie. Then he had the oatmeal raisin for dessert.

Two problems there, my dog ate the product I had to review plus my family was without the sweets to which they are so addicted. I don’t like cookies or so I thought.

Adriana Ryan heard of "the plight of the cookies" as I was calling it as I had called to order more at my expense and she replaced them (don’t try this at home she knows the trick now!) and sent one of each out a.s.a.p. including the chocolate chip one and the littlest one in this house was elated. She has chocolate running through her veins.

Can you name many other companies that would have done that? I know I can’t in 2007 reviews.

Mom In The Know will give away one $25.00 gift certificate to The Big Pink Cookie Company.

As a thank you, The Big Pink Cookie Company will give away one cookie with the purchase of two now through 2/4/2007.

Answer this question and email it to with Big Pink Cookie in the subject line to be entered in THIS contest.

What color ribbons do The Big Pink Cookie Company use to wrap their cookies? (You just need the colors; you don’t have to match to the cookie)

It must be emailed and received by Midnight Feb 1st MST. Winner will be drawn randomly by a kid in the know.

This is just one of the many giveaways this week so keep watching! Thank you big pink cookie co!

Check back daily at the bottom of this post for a new part to this giveaway!


Giveaway #2 Pangea Organics Facial Mask

Giveaway #3 Busy Body Book A Moms best friend is another giveaway! Email with BBB in the subject.

Giveaway #4 A little bit of everything surprise package. Take your chances!

Foot Petals Stiletto Survival Kit

So that's Big Pink Cookie
Foot Petals

That's it. I posted Friday a tad early for you, my dedicated readers.

Now you must email You still must follow above rules for cookie entry.

First name drawn will have first pick of prizes, second name second choice and so forth for all prizes until all are awarded.

my webmaster [saved by jen] is also participating in the bloggy giveaway carnival - go check her site out as well.

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