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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

I walked a mile and then some. Foot Petals are the answer to stilettos and all feet that need love. I love heels and I’m sure it’s because I’m 5’3 when I stand up straight and smile big. I was lucky enough to test out the Stiletto Survival Kit and Travel Slippers. Now let’s talk about if they were worth the test.


As I have the Travel Slippers on, you decide there. I’ve always preferred the fluffy soft slippers until now. These glide right on and feel so smooth. Both elegant and comfortable, these slippers are embedded with their signature Killer Kushionz in the foot bed! Detailed with a black ribbon bow, a detail that I like and feel that it adds that certain something. Comes with their signature black satin travel pouch! Just slip in the slippers to stow away.


Then my favorite thing to test was something I wasn’t even aware you could pick up at your local department store. The Stiletto Survival Kit was made for people like me who hate flat shoes and any woman who wears them out, to work, or on the go. This is what it says … a survival kit. Included in the kits, directly from Foot Petals: "Keep your feet perfectly cushioned all day with Tip Toes, Heavenly Heelz, Strappy Strips, and Killer Kushionz - the best designer cushions in town!"


And of course, a must have for all shoes Sole Stopperz will help you strut safely in real life or on the runway and help preserve the soles of your new shoes!


Finally, you can organize, protect, and store your stilettos and cushions in style with their signature shoe bag, Petal Pouch! Large enough to fit a pair of shoes for the girl on the go!


My experience with Foot Pedals was like walking on air on all sides. I loved the stilettos and the slippers. I didn’t think stilettos could be that comfortable and I was proven wrong. Now I don’t have to wear my tennis shoes to give my toes a break, no excuses! I can always wear my heels and enjoy it.

Thank you Foot Pedals!


For more information and to view all of their products, please visit

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