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Thursday, January 24, 2008

A time to be Whimzy!

Ornaments aren’t just for a Christmas tree. If you happen to want a special unique gift, click on over to Whimzy Doodles. I was fortunate enough to be able to review and test the Manifestation Gift set so it had a little of everything in it to share with you.

manifestation cards

Manifestation Cards are a unique way to go. Do you need a pick me up, a little change in the way you are thinking, words of wisdom? This is what you need. Pull out a card and give it the attention it deserves. I just pulled out … “Add color, sound, touch, & taste to your dreams.”

Well I hope that is what I’m doing for all of you as I write this review. Carry them with you and hand them out to a friend of someone who you think may need one. Use it when you want to smile or contemplate something more then what’s going on at work, home or in your head at that moment. They could always be a great conversation starter too!

clay whirliever

Hand-Crafted Clay Whirliever Ornament is meant to make your day better by wishing upon it.
Hang this handcrafted piece of art in a location where you will frequently see it. Whenever you do see it, take a moment to allow its beauty and words to resonate within you. As you go about your day, remember to maintain the vision you have for yourself and your future. Then welcome and prepare yourself to embrace the opportunities and moments that will confirm your heart’s desires are indeed manifesting!

Such a unique idea that will warm you all day, and it did. It hangs in the hallway to my bathroom for all my family to see and my daughters take advantage of it while my husband hits his head on it. I’ll be moving it soon.

manifestation gift set

It’s a pleasant feeling to know its hanging there if I want to lift my spirits up or just to see something so clamming and pretty.

Now don’t be fooled Whimzy Doodles offers a plethora of items that you should good look at but this is what I was fortunate enough to review and enjoy.

Thank you to Sandy & Tracy for the samples and all their kindness!

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