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Monday, January 21, 2008

now and forever creations

As I write this, my stomach churns and I contemplate so much. It’s my first totally negative review. Well, is that how I should truly label it? Maybe, I wasn’t satisfied with the products and I just need to be honest here. That’s my mission “honest reviews”.

It was up to me to step outside my box and accept a product that I wouldn’t normally like these, the screen-printed ones at Now and Forever creations. I’m not aware of the quality of other manufacturers and as I have no basis of comparison so please understand that.

I tried a few things: a dog collar, dog tags, a leash, and a custom dog mat.

The collar is for my bulldog; let me say that it’s probably not fair that it’s for my bulldog since she has such a thick neck. It didn’t hold up to her stature and it faded under use. She’s a big girl and I should probably invest in a good, hearty collar for a sturdy dog. That should be a review all in its own, bulldog products.

The dog tags feel off both dogs’ collars right away. All they did was play. I put them on with pliers like I had their rabies tags in all the past.

The leash wasn’t that bad, it was a normal leash, again it faded after some use, and that was a bit frustrating. They had cute monograms and expressions, so I was a little saddened that I wasn’t able to share for a longer period of time or had to explain every time.

The custom dog mat was very cute, at first. It was a fabric that collected dog hair very easily and the “slip resistant” mat broke apart easily was all over my bamboo floor in no time. I was forever picking up little black pieces of plastic like substance hoping my dogs didn’t eat it.

They also sent me jerky samples from Sadly, it may sound as if I’m jaded but I’m not. The jerky I sampled was either heavily flavored or it wasn’t enough in the sample packages to get a real feel of how it truly tasted. That was more the company that sends to them then the supplier.

This is a MITK first and I hope a last. I do try to see the good and bad in all. I have no pictures of the products sent to me.

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