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Monday, January 14, 2008

A Little Dash of… Bacon

My family likes to eat.


I’m willing to bet many of you have noticed the same desires from your families. We eat dinner together each and every day. On the weekends, my husband will often put a special breakfast feast together for us all to enjoy together. During the holidays, we eat especially well, finding the occasion to convene for fantastic meals that include a plethora of delights.

As long as we eat, we are happy.

As a wife and mother of two, the challenge is rarely found in providing meals my family will appreciate (while my loved ones can often be picky, they are not in a hurry to turn down food). The challenge comes in finding ways to do something different that won’t result in wasted food. Serving the same rotation of foods can get rather boring and it is variety that keeps us all happy and will often lead my children, all too set in their ways, to try something new.

The fine folks at J&D’s Down Home Enterprises have just made that job a little less challenging.

A few weeks ago, I was surfing the net for new products and innovations in the food industry and came across a link that, as a leader of a carnivorous clan of gourmets, caught my eye. Without delay I ran my cursor over the words that seemed all too inviting, hit the left button on my mouse, and I was there.

I was taken to a site that would make most believe the product was the invention of an industry giant. An enticing rotation of pictures all depicting the delicacies any red-blooded American would salivate over stream across the front page, headed by a slogan that could serve as my oldest daughter’s life motto: "Everything should taste like bacon."


That is the thought behind Justin and Dave’s creation and the driving force for their quest to put Bacon Salt on every table in every kitchen across the country. Their story strikes a chord that could have been written by just about anyone. "We’re just two regular guys who love grilling and football on Sunday afternoons, eating until we can’t get off the couch and of course, the taste of great bacon." These fellows worked in the IT sector for years and found their mutual affection for the pork product we often find next to our pancakes at breakfast was too much to ignore. Justin had envisioned the creation for some time and Dave, along with a fellow co-worker named Kara, drove him to give the idea the attention and dedication it deserved.

The end product is Bacon Salt, a tasty spice that works just as it sounds. Imagine the convenience and ease of salt, but tastefully laced with the flavor of bacon. As the site suggests, the uses are endless and can be matched only by the joy this simple but divine little product could bring to each and every food lover on the planet.

The boys were nice enough send a couple of bottles my way, and my husband wasted no time putting the concoction to the test.

We started with breakfast the first (and possibly most obvious) target: Eggs. My husband takes his over easy while the kids and I enjoy a good poached egg. Eggs laced with a touch of Bacon Salt were a hit, earning rave reviews all the way around the table. Since then, we’ve tried the tasty spice on just about everything.

Salads, sandwiches, soups, toast, vegetables, steaks, potatoes, popcorn, and just about any and everything in between: Bacon Salt is a fine compliment to any snack or meal you could be preparing. I have found new life in a once-forgotten plate of tuna casserole. My husband has grown an almost-neurotic affection for peanut butter-and-Bacon Salt sandwiches. Our kids have started to ask for it at the movie theater with their cinematic snacks (and yes, they do think we are crazy) I was tempted to entice our dog to consume his heartworm medicine with the taste I’m sure he would find irresistible (but I thought wiser). We have all fallen victim to the intriguing flavor of Bacon Salt, and I believe you will do the same.


Bacon Salt comes in three delicious flavors, including Original Smokey, Peppered, and our favorite, Hickory. The site is easy to manage and all-too useful, including links to their MySpace and Facebook groups where you’ll find a long and helpful list of fans and suggestions for experimentation. Jason and Dave have also included a great page of recipes for your consideration (I might be able to con my husband into eating salmon with the enticing Bacon Salt Baked Salmon recipe). On their “Buy It” page, you’ll find special packages to fill all of your Bacon Salt needs, instructions for ordering online, and a list of retail locations that will help you find Bacon Salt on a shelf near you. They even offer in impressive menu of merchandise, including T-shirts, posters, aprons, and hats.

If you like bacon (or if your husband, or kids, or boyfriend, or girlfriend, or father, or uncle… you get the idea), try Bacon Salt today. You’ll be happy you did!

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