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Monday, January 7, 2008

How busy can your body be

I love testing and reviewing agendas as I'm always on the hunt for the perfect one. Every mom will have a preference I’m sure but The Busy Body Book rocked my world. What can I say to make my day easier makes everything in my families’ life easier, just ask them!


The grid format is so accessible and I like the doodle pad on the side. For me … it’s a saving grace. I always think of things on a whim that need to be noted here and there and for me it’s my book of notes. I just need to recall where I wrote it.

Having two daughters a husband and myself, we each have a column where I write our daily duties. Our tasks and where we will be. I know that at 12:30 one of them should be in lunch on a Tuesday afternoon.


Want to know some other features?

Monthly Planners
One planner to record birthdays & anniversaries! Another to note next year's appointments & future events. Who can’t use that? I know anyone can. Just move it month to month to year.

An overview to help plan ahead for the holidays, vacations, or special events. That helps me so much just to see where they will be and when we have free on particular days. A large block all at once makes it easy for my spouse all at once to X out days.

Key contact pages
2 pages for your emergency contact information, doctors, coaches, babysitters. Also great for family you call a lot, repair men, poison control, friends, emergency personnel, or someone who has access to your house in the event of an emergency may need it.

Removable shopping lists
Perforated pages for creating handy grocery or gift lists, I like to tear away and go. They fit in most purses and you can make notes as you go along. Also a great way to give out your number or important info when you need to.

Two Pockets
Inside front & back covers provide a deep pocket to hold important papers, receipts, coupons one of my favorite features! Good for important meetings, taxes, Doctors appointments, school meetings. Bank meetings, you name it!

Bookmark … one of my favorite features so I can never lose my page and they don’t get all dog-eared.
Easily flip to what you want - anytime anywhere! Don’t fold over those pages anymore and dog ear another book!

A full page each week for notes, to do's, lists, or alerts. Plenty of notes pages in back of BBB too to record and keep important records. And in this day and age … are records enough? I can never have enough of them if seems. Emails, paper, the spoken word!


I utilized all of the above and have to say that my favorite times were when we pulled together and planned as a family. It was a nice time that we had together and meant a lot to us. Little things, they say, little things.

I reviewed The Busy Body Book for Maya’s Mom and

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