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Friday, January 18, 2008

Bring Green with You

Today’s world is one of insight and forethought. We drive cars advertised as “environmentally friendly,” running on energy that fails to emit toxic fumes. We look for food at the grocery market that has been raised by environmentally-conscience farmers, feeding their cattle whole grains and avoiding the use of hormones, raising crops that have been fertilized with organic products (if they are fertilized at all). Our clothes are environmentally friendly. Our pets are environmentally friendly (make sure you grab those waste bags as you enter the dog park). Our lives are environmentally friendly.


With a new set of priorities and a new sense of, well, sensibility, we have to do our part for the world around us and the world that will be here for those that come after us, and as is often the case, the little things can mean so much more than imagine.

With this in mind, Mom In The Know is proud to bring our latest review to all of our friends and fans across the internet. Any time we can step up and support a cause that promotes a cleaner, safer environment, we are giddy to step up to the plate.

Such is the case with the Envirosax. The Envirosax originates from Currumbin Valley in South East Queensland, Australia. The goal is simple yet powerful: Believe in environmental sustainability. The founders of Envirosax, Belinda, and Mark David-Tooze use this motto as a means for life, living with in the Australian rainforest and utilizing solar and photovoltaic technology to produce the energy they need for their home. They recycle their own wastewater, they grow their own organic vegetables and fruit, and they run Envirosax, a company the produces environmentally friendly bags for a multitude of uses.


Envirosax is made of polyester and hemp designed in Australia and made in China, all working under fair wage and fair labor conditions. All factories are personally inspected several times a year and are directly run by the David-Tooze family. Their product: Three bags used as environmental alternatives to plastic bags.

Few realize just how much damage is caused by the production of the typical plastic bag at the supermarket. Many of the companies that produce these bags do not engage in environmentally sound operations, and the use of petroleum products creates a bag that may have a short life span in our world but will take years to degrade.

Envirosax hopes to put an end to the use of these bags. The company offers two types of bags.

The Graphic Series is available in three different sizes and is easy to store and use. These bags are made of synthetic material that folds to small sizes, thus they are easily stores in a handbag or in the car. They are simple yet fashionable, light yet durable, efficient and effective. They come in several sizes and a multitude of colors and patterns. Ordering direct from Envirosax, the consumer can buy in bundles, or “pouches” as they call them, offering a group of bags in a convenient series.


Envirosax also offer the Organic Series, bags made of bamboo, linen, and hemp. These bags are elegant in style and unbelievably useful in the store. They are highly durable, easily cleaned, and are an excellent accessory for any environmentally-conscience shopper to use.

The bags are a superior product, but the message and drive behind them is what makes Mom In The Know smile. Like the company states in their business manifesto, “It’s a philosophy, a move in the right direction; it is the evolution of a culture.” This is our world to form for our children, for our children’s children, and for the generations that will follow. Envirosax is one company that shares this vision and puts it to use in our daily lives, encouraging us to take simple steps with improved consequences.


If you would like a more selfish motivation (and there is nothing wrong with being selfish… at least a little bit!), consider the discounts many stores have started offering consumers who bring their own bags to shop. My local supermarket rebates nearly 8% of your purchase when utilizing bags like the Envirosax. That puts savings in your pocket and savings in the environment as well.

There is no other way to say it. The Envirosax is an excellent product, produced by an excellent company, supported, and advanced by an excellent motivation. We can all do our part to help the world, and Envirosax is happy to help you look and feel good doing it.


Visit today!

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