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Friday, January 11, 2008

Boon Market

When I find a company that prides itself on making “innovations for modern parents,” I don’t have a choice. I have to be there!

My husband and I live in a modest house with two little girls, one 7-years-old and the other is 6. For those who know, the message is clear. For those who do not, I suggest the following…

Go rent two capuchin monkeys. Take them home and immediately feed them a box of Butterfinger candy bars. Now put them in a house providing three large boxes, including one box filled with toys, another box filled with books, and the final box filled with poop. Now, leave and do not return for three hours.

This is what life is like each and every day for parents struggling to maintain order. Like the monkeys, the children are absolutely adorable and worthy of only the best care and love we can give. However, turn your back for a minute and provide the right stimuli and it’s hard to tell just how devastating the damage can be. The drive to keep a clean, organized, and fashionable home is all but lost.

Fortunately, other parents are out there know our pain and are working to help us find a happy and healthy solution.

Enter Boon, a wonderfully enthusiastic company “driven by a strong desire to create contemporary products that help simplify parents’ lives while retaining their personal style.” President and CEO Ryan Fernandez, a former sales executive with the Intel Corporation and a father of four, founded the company (and, like me, he has been blessed with a clan void of Y-chromosomes). Ryan holds an illustrious MBA from Pepperdine University with emphasis in marketing and management and has turned his life towards entrepreneurship by creating Boon Inc., a company that designs and creates products to help our children organize their lives while giving them a sense of fun and fashion in the process.

Mom In The Know came in contact with Ryan based on our mutual desire to help the parents of the world, and to help us understand what he and Boon Inc. are doing, he sent along one of his best products.

The Oval Animal Bag is a brilliant idea, which came to life under the watchful eye of Boon and could prove to be a heaven-sent gift for many a parent in need of clarity. As stated by Boon, “The Animal Bag is a fun and practical solution for rounding up all of those soft critters and putting them to work.”


The Animal Bag is akin to the old-school bean bags that our folks used to call furniture, except this is comfortable, fashionable, and more importantly, useful. Sized at 30” x 26” x 19”, the Animal Bag is a sizeable plush bag covered with zippered access points. The bag itself is made from a high quality, soft fabric that can be purchased in either green or pink colors while the access areas are made of transparent-yet-durable mesh. Your children will find TONS of room inside that is to be filled with the multitude of stuffed animals and dolls your family has collected over the years.

Fill the bag with your stuffed animals and now your kids have a cushy seat that looks great while it’s hiding all of those toys and destroying the clutter that has become the frustration of your daily life. It is an excellent idea and Boon has pulled it off with flying colors.

My youngest put the bag to the test. Her father has come to detest the chore of changing sheets, for our daughter wants ALL of her stuffed animals to reside on her bed. She couldn’t wait to get her furry little friends settled into their new home when the bag arrived and she saw how easy, fun, and PINK (she is a girl!) it would be.

Now my daughter has a great new toy, she has a passion for being organized, she has a seat that follows her around the house… and my husband can change the sheets (and I don’t have to listen to him mumbling obscenities while he’s doing it).


I have come to love the Oval Animal Bag from Boon Inc. and my hubby is convinced this company can do more to make his life (and our lives… but don’t tell him that!) easier and more sophisticated. The bag is triumph and Mom In The Know is more than happy to give it a huge thumb’s up!


You will find everything you need and more on their site, and they site couldn’t be friendlier. The products, the information, the company’s background, the locations to buy… it is all there and easy to use. To make things better, Boon will contribute 10% of your purchase to children’s charities.

If you want to clear that disaster in your kid’s room and find every imaginable fringe benefit in the process, get with Boon and find the products you’ll need to get on the right track today.

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