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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The World in my Eyes

I usually wouldn’t do a designer inspired product, but I figured I would give it a chance. Seems that they were well liked now I wish I had done it.

I used testers on these.

sunglasses 1

Tester 1 - Dolce and Gabbana inspired:

I have a round face, always have but with the extra baby weight (OK toddler weight), it’s become even more "moon like" which doesn’t really bother me... until its time to find sunglasses! They just don’t make sunglasses for my face. So when I tried these on I was shocked they fit AND looked cute.

The "Dolce and Gabbana inspired" glasses came in a carrying pouch; I loved this since I always scratch lenses.

They were a little flimsy, but they haven’t broken yet so that’s a great sign!

sunglasses 2

Tester 2 also D&G inspired:

A little flimsier than the real thing, the longer thinner style was great! I haven’t broken them and they told up to kids, dropping them and even sitting on them after a few drinks and a night out with the other moms. I don’t like that it seems that I get my hair caught in them more than the real designer ones, but for several hundred dollars less I will make that sacrifice. It may just be my hair! They make my face look longer and thinner and how can that NOT be a good thing?


Tester 3 - Men’s aviator glasses unsure of brand, Brad Pitt inspired:

The Aviator Sunglasses bring a sense of sophistication, constructed of metallic frames with tinted lens that provide quality protection against the glare of the sun. Pick these glasses up and you would guess they are of a designer ilk: A bit heavy but lacking bulk, well constructed, sturdy, and strong. The nose rest is especially comforting as the mounts rest on swivels that allow the glasses to find comfort on the bridge of you nose without pain or distortion, also allowing these aviator specials to rest symmetrically in front of you eyes.

I wore these glasses for some time and found them to be extremely beneficial in situations when the glare of the sun was a true problem with driving, allowing me to look forward without pain while my vision was undeterred in keeping my eyes on the road. Wearing them for long periods of time - one issue I was never forced to attempt - might be a tad, discomforting due to the weight of the glasses, but it is obvious these frames were built to last. The design of the nose rests could prove me wrong as I never felt, in wearing these glasses myself, the need to adjust.

Contact Shannon at These look like a value all around and you can’t tell the real thing from the inspired. Shannon was a complete joy to work with! The website is

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