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Monday, December 17, 2007

Pull it tighter, almost there!


Do you have a child with little hips and an even tinier butt? What do you do for a belt? Just hope?


That was me until I found Myself Belts. I can even get away with using one luckily, and trust me it helps those big kids and adults that have a large waist.


My kids like them because they can do it themselves and no help from mom or dad, one handed even.


When potty training nothing is harder then getting that belt off and to the potty, Myself Belts are perfect for that. Look at the variety in girls alone. If I had known about these when I was potty training my youngest it would have saved many loads of laundry. She has a tiny bladder issue so we still need these and I know that I want to be a regular customer. They make plenty for boys don’t fret. And have a wonderful sizing chart on the site.


One thing I also discovered was adult sizes but for a reason that I didn’t think of right away
• Rehabilitation Patients
• Those with Physical Ailment
• Those with Cognitive Issues
• Hand dexterity problems.


That was one of the neatest thing I’ve ever found on the web. One thing that I hope for and want to work for on here, a great cause like this show me the “I’m allergic to” shirts next and I have a heyday!


So not only does Myself Belts help kids, parents, teachers and well it seems like everyone! They have great designs are simple and easy to use.
Want to give your child some self-confidence and make it a little easier on you? I suggest this, the feeling they’ll get when they do it on their own is priceless and the smile you see on that face makes you know you did the right thing!

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