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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Please don’t feed the Bears - stuff them

"Mom, mom, mom, mom, can we do the bears today????”

Oh, I was asked that question for days. My package arrived on a Monday and I wanted to wait for the weekend so I could properly sit down with them and help, observe and see what the deal was.

Kim Popp, a Noah’s Ark Bear crewmember, contacted me. I had never heard of them before. Essentially you have a teddy bear or animal that is not stuffed and you stuff it yourself … all in the comfort of your own home of wherever you have your event.

Perfect to entertain a gaggle of giggling little ones that are bored with the usual parties in the strip malls, how many of those can you do a year

I need ideas for the big 8 coming up so I thought this was the perfect item for me as a mother and a consumer to test and I have my testers right here.

Okay, to the product...

Two teddy bears, stuffing, wooden sticks to get the stuffing right down in there, just a bit of advice you need a little elbow grease to get the stuffing in some places but that is why parents are there.

Okay, my oldest was digging in before I had all the supplies laid out (don’t you just love that?) and she was stuffing and shoving that right in there. One great thing about the bears, they just snap right up the back. It does make it that simple for the kids after you help a bit with the stuffing in the legs and arms.

Now the little one is very intense and methodical, she had to have it all placed in there so carefully make sure it was symmetrical, and that the bear was not going to be heavy and hurt her when she carried it (that was honestly just her dramatics, the bears aren’t heavy).

It took her much longer then the other one, as it had to be perfect. It was and hers took a little less elbow grease, she wanted hers a little fluffier.

The bears come with more then enough stuffing for firm bears, fluffy bears, or just middle of the road. I was quite impressed at the quality of not only the supplies but also the product overall. I would highly recommend a Noah’s Ark Bear party for your home. Outfits and accessories are available as well as so many options to choose from, why would you want a run of the mill party in an overpriced restaurant, strip mall or crowded play place?

Contact Kim Popp - she ships anywhere and is available by email and phone to walk you through with any questions. She is wonderful, amazing, and so knowledgeable I would not want to go anywhere else

Email: Kim Popp

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