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Thursday, December 20, 2007

It’s your TuTu dance like a princess

I have a ballerina and a one there is no way to classify her. She’s not a tomboy, she’s not a girly girl, she likes the pop punk music and she, well does like to dress up. When she dresses up she adds her own flair, a red and black tutu over jeans or leggings and yes, she wants to wear it to school.

black red 600

My ballet girl had a billion and one tutus, puts them on for everything, and even loves to sleep in them if I let her.

black red wrist 600

Laci Jo's Creations by Jen Nellans are a unique and one of a kind made especially for every customer. I can tell you that no two tutus were alike. I had three in all to review in addition to wrist tutus and they all matched my kids and not each other. Jen let me pick as many colors as I wanted, I had the option of embellishments, but I picked not to. I kept it simple on that part. I am sure they are fantastic when she does.

The product wasn’t stiff or flat even after shipping, one good shake and it was like right off the hanger. The way it was shipped helped almost as much as the crafting and seamless way it was made.

My tester is quoted as saying:

When I opened the box, it was slightly flat but my instructions said to give it a shake. I did and Voila! The cutest little tutu EVER! As soon as my daughter woke up, I put her in it and took a million pictures! She loved twirling around in it. It even came with matching bracelets, which she loves.

She wore it so much that it needed a good wash. I threw it in cold water, tumble-dried on low and it came out looking fabulous!

black purple 600

Now I had to repack to ship to her so if it was flat it was my fault, fearless readers! The way the tutu’s wrist and other have held up amaze me, I’m truly shocked. I’ve spent more than you can imagine having them made and in the store. These are top of the line first quality.

black purple wrist 600

My little one twirled and danced in ballet shoes, vans, and wore them to bed. We had it all. I am delighted to refer you to Jen at Laci Jo Creations. But you had better order fast, word spreads quick!

citrus 600

Laci Jo's Creations
Custom handmade jewelry and accessories

Jen would like to offer a discount to your readers. 15% off any order - good through December 31st. They just need to use the code momintheknow. Here's a direct link that will automatically apply the discount.

citrus wrist 600

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