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Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's in the hole

I came across the Potty911 and was kicking myself wondering, "Why didn’t I think of that?" I have it all there! I have it all in my hands! All in my bag essentially! Why didn’t I … well you know that one!


The Potty911 has the following in its kit, just a clear plastic bag you carry in something as simple as a bag or purse:
The items included in the potty 911 restroom survival kit are:
1) 5 Sanitary and flushable toilet seat covers
2) 10 Flushable moist wipes
3) 1 travel size bottle of hand sanitizer
4) A learning card for your child illustrating proper hand washing technique
5) All the above items come in a safety-tied, convenient-to-carry, reusable, clear vinyl bag.

As a mother of two, yes, they are past the “toddler” age but they still use the restroom. I have one who refuses to use a public restroom with out a toilet seat cover. Another that happens to carry hand sanitizer everywhere. And I mean everywhere, backpack, car, jackets, anywhere she can. We sing a verse of a song as we wash our hands so we know that about 30-60 seconds pass.

All of these tips and items are in the bag. I enjoyed the learning card to help kids along, you know for when the parents have no idea what we are talking about (daily) and someone else had to tell them!

Deborah Conway can take credit so just order one or 10 from her at and tell her Mom in the Know sent you! You can also email her at

I hope you are as satisfied as I was with the product, the ease made it a breeze for me and my two (not so) little ones!

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