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Monday, December 10, 2007

Be safe - use this

There are things we just know as parents. If you have more then one child, they will antagonize each other for no reason. If you have one child, they will want a sibling. If you get them the red shirt, they want the blue. There is no such thing as a quiet Sunday morning anymore.

All of the above is true and I will save the rest for the innocent to find out on their own, that’s what makes parenthood rewarding.

This little nugget I have to share. Safety is a great concern for all of us and Chicks and Cubs offers many items, but the safety items are what drew me in. Inventive ideas that we can all use in our daily lives, things that you may not think of but you can use.

ID bracelet C&C

A Velcro ID bracelet that your child can wear anywhere! You just write the child’s info inside and it stays on fastened sturdy with Velcro. They come in pink and blue for the fashion conscious little ones. Your only worry will be what to do when the other parents bug you on where to get them! You’ll have to get Chicks and Cubs business cards to hand out to save yourself the trouble of saying the name a few hundred times.

child-safety-shoe-sticker CC

Another great and efficient product was the Shoe Sticker ID tag, kids have to wear shoes, and this allows you to have options and several IDs. If they were to forget or lose the bracelet, they still have shoes!


Disposable ID bracelets for short trips, day outings, or even vacations are a great idea also offered by chicks and cubs.

A car seat ID? Who would have thought? My tester that did this one couldn’t stop raving. Every parent needs this! When I looked at it, I realized that I had gone almost 2 years without it and started to feel that guilt with which we are all so familiar. Therefore, I filled it out immediately and attached it to the side of her car seat. I feel so much better knowing that her name, DOB, emergency phone numbers, and her medical allergies are accessible in case I am incapacitated. I even have her picture and thumb print on there.


The information is clear, organized, and easy to read. Even I couldn’t mess this up! It came with a protective laminate to put it in after you've filled out the info. And a Velcro piece to attach it. I can’t stress how much I love this!

I think the above says it all! The car seat ID is a must-have for those parents who have little ones in car seats still!


Last but not least, the wallet ID kit was a winner, too! Each card holds child's photo, thumbprint, name, address, weight, height, birth date, emergency contact numbers, doctor's name and number, dentist's name and number, insurance info, plus a medical release signature allowing immediate medical treatment when a parent is not available or cannot speak for the child. In this day and age, that’s important in my opinion; there are times even in the cell phone era where we can’t all be reached. Out of range or in a meeting, and parental consent is needed? Now the powers that be have it!

To order contact Chicks and Cubs and look at all they have to offer!

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