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Monday, December 31, 2007

the day before 2008

Tomorrow is a new year...

photo by lize rixt

Photo by Lize Rixt

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The World in my Eyes

I usually wouldn’t do a designer inspired product, but I figured I would give it a chance. Seems that they were well liked now I wish I had done it.

I used testers on these.

sunglasses 1

Tester 1 - Dolce and Gabbana inspired:

I have a round face, always have but with the extra baby weight (OK toddler weight), it’s become even more "moon like" which doesn’t really bother me... until its time to find sunglasses! They just don’t make sunglasses for my face. So when I tried these on I was shocked they fit AND looked cute.

The "Dolce and Gabbana inspired" glasses came in a carrying pouch; I loved this since I always scratch lenses.

They were a little flimsy, but they haven’t broken yet so that’s a great sign!

sunglasses 2

Tester 2 also D&G inspired:

A little flimsier than the real thing, the longer thinner style was great! I haven’t broken them and they told up to kids, dropping them and even sitting on them after a few drinks and a night out with the other moms. I don’t like that it seems that I get my hair caught in them more than the real designer ones, but for several hundred dollars less I will make that sacrifice. It may just be my hair! They make my face look longer and thinner and how can that NOT be a good thing?


Tester 3 - Men’s aviator glasses unsure of brand, Brad Pitt inspired:

The Aviator Sunglasses bring a sense of sophistication, constructed of metallic frames with tinted lens that provide quality protection against the glare of the sun. Pick these glasses up and you would guess they are of a designer ilk: A bit heavy but lacking bulk, well constructed, sturdy, and strong. The nose rest is especially comforting as the mounts rest on swivels that allow the glasses to find comfort on the bridge of you nose without pain or distortion, also allowing these aviator specials to rest symmetrically in front of you eyes.

I wore these glasses for some time and found them to be extremely beneficial in situations when the glare of the sun was a true problem with driving, allowing me to look forward without pain while my vision was undeterred in keeping my eyes on the road. Wearing them for long periods of time - one issue I was never forced to attempt - might be a tad, discomforting due to the weight of the glasses, but it is obvious these frames were built to last. The design of the nose rests could prove me wrong as I never felt, in wearing these glasses myself, the need to adjust.

Contact Shannon at These look like a value all around and you can’t tell the real thing from the inspired. Shannon was a complete joy to work with! The website is

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

merry christmas from Mom In The Know

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

It’s your TuTu dance like a princess

I have a ballerina and a one there is no way to classify her. She’s not a tomboy, she’s not a girly girl, she likes the pop punk music and she, well does like to dress up. When she dresses up she adds her own flair, a red and black tutu over jeans or leggings and yes, she wants to wear it to school.

black red 600

My ballet girl had a billion and one tutus, puts them on for everything, and even loves to sleep in them if I let her.

black red wrist 600

Laci Jo's Creations by Jen Nellans are a unique and one of a kind made especially for every customer. I can tell you that no two tutus were alike. I had three in all to review in addition to wrist tutus and they all matched my kids and not each other. Jen let me pick as many colors as I wanted, I had the option of embellishments, but I picked not to. I kept it simple on that part. I am sure they are fantastic when she does.

The product wasn’t stiff or flat even after shipping, one good shake and it was like right off the hanger. The way it was shipped helped almost as much as the crafting and seamless way it was made.

My tester is quoted as saying:

When I opened the box, it was slightly flat but my instructions said to give it a shake. I did and Voila! The cutest little tutu EVER! As soon as my daughter woke up, I put her in it and took a million pictures! She loved twirling around in it. It even came with matching bracelets, which she loves.

She wore it so much that it needed a good wash. I threw it in cold water, tumble-dried on low and it came out looking fabulous!

black purple 600

Now I had to repack to ship to her so if it was flat it was my fault, fearless readers! The way the tutu’s wrist and other have held up amaze me, I’m truly shocked. I’ve spent more than you can imagine having them made and in the store. These are top of the line first quality.

black purple wrist 600

My little one twirled and danced in ballet shoes, vans, and wore them to bed. We had it all. I am delighted to refer you to Jen at Laci Jo Creations. But you had better order fast, word spreads quick!

citrus 600

Laci Jo's Creations
Custom handmade jewelry and accessories

Jen would like to offer a discount to your readers. 15% off any order - good through December 31st. They just need to use the code momintheknow. Here's a direct link that will automatically apply the discount.

citrus wrist 600

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Pull it tighter, almost there!


Do you have a child with little hips and an even tinier butt? What do you do for a belt? Just hope?


That was me until I found Myself Belts. I can even get away with using one luckily, and trust me it helps those big kids and adults that have a large waist.


My kids like them because they can do it themselves and no help from mom or dad, one handed even.


When potty training nothing is harder then getting that belt off and to the potty, Myself Belts are perfect for that. Look at the variety in girls alone. If I had known about these when I was potty training my youngest it would have saved many loads of laundry. She has a tiny bladder issue so we still need these and I know that I want to be a regular customer. They make plenty for boys don’t fret. And have a wonderful sizing chart on the site.


One thing I also discovered was adult sizes but for a reason that I didn’t think of right away
• Rehabilitation Patients
• Those with Physical Ailment
• Those with Cognitive Issues
• Hand dexterity problems.


That was one of the neatest thing I’ve ever found on the web. One thing that I hope for and want to work for on here, a great cause like this show me the “I’m allergic to” shirts next and I have a heyday!


So not only does Myself Belts help kids, parents, teachers and well it seems like everyone! They have great designs are simple and easy to use.
Want to give your child some self-confidence and make it a little easier on you? I suggest this, the feeling they’ll get when they do it on their own is priceless and the smile you see on that face makes you know you did the right thing!

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's in the hole

I came across the Potty911 and was kicking myself wondering, "Why didn’t I think of that?" I have it all there! I have it all in my hands! All in my bag essentially! Why didn’t I … well you know that one!


The Potty911 has the following in its kit, just a clear plastic bag you carry in something as simple as a bag or purse:
The items included in the potty 911 restroom survival kit are:
1) 5 Sanitary and flushable toilet seat covers
2) 10 Flushable moist wipes
3) 1 travel size bottle of hand sanitizer
4) A learning card for your child illustrating proper hand washing technique
5) All the above items come in a safety-tied, convenient-to-carry, reusable, clear vinyl bag.

As a mother of two, yes, they are past the “toddler” age but they still use the restroom. I have one who refuses to use a public restroom with out a toilet seat cover. Another that happens to carry hand sanitizer everywhere. And I mean everywhere, backpack, car, jackets, anywhere she can. We sing a verse of a song as we wash our hands so we know that about 30-60 seconds pass.

All of these tips and items are in the bag. I enjoyed the learning card to help kids along, you know for when the parents have no idea what we are talking about (daily) and someone else had to tell them!

Deborah Conway can take credit so just order one or 10 from her at and tell her Mom in the Know sent you! You can also email her at

I hope you are as satisfied as I was with the product, the ease made it a breeze for me and my two (not so) little ones!

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Be safe - use this

There are things we just know as parents. If you have more then one child, they will antagonize each other for no reason. If you have one child, they will want a sibling. If you get them the red shirt, they want the blue. There is no such thing as a quiet Sunday morning anymore.

All of the above is true and I will save the rest for the innocent to find out on their own, that’s what makes parenthood rewarding.

This little nugget I have to share. Safety is a great concern for all of us and Chicks and Cubs offers many items, but the safety items are what drew me in. Inventive ideas that we can all use in our daily lives, things that you may not think of but you can use.

ID bracelet C&C

A Velcro ID bracelet that your child can wear anywhere! You just write the child’s info inside and it stays on fastened sturdy with Velcro. They come in pink and blue for the fashion conscious little ones. Your only worry will be what to do when the other parents bug you on where to get them! You’ll have to get Chicks and Cubs business cards to hand out to save yourself the trouble of saying the name a few hundred times.

child-safety-shoe-sticker CC

Another great and efficient product was the Shoe Sticker ID tag, kids have to wear shoes, and this allows you to have options and several IDs. If they were to forget or lose the bracelet, they still have shoes!


Disposable ID bracelets for short trips, day outings, or even vacations are a great idea also offered by chicks and cubs.

A car seat ID? Who would have thought? My tester that did this one couldn’t stop raving. Every parent needs this! When I looked at it, I realized that I had gone almost 2 years without it and started to feel that guilt with which we are all so familiar. Therefore, I filled it out immediately and attached it to the side of her car seat. I feel so much better knowing that her name, DOB, emergency phone numbers, and her medical allergies are accessible in case I am incapacitated. I even have her picture and thumb print on there.


The information is clear, organized, and easy to read. Even I couldn’t mess this up! It came with a protective laminate to put it in after you've filled out the info. And a Velcro piece to attach it. I can’t stress how much I love this!

I think the above says it all! The car seat ID is a must-have for those parents who have little ones in car seats still!


Last but not least, the wallet ID kit was a winner, too! Each card holds child's photo, thumbprint, name, address, weight, height, birth date, emergency contact numbers, doctor's name and number, dentist's name and number, insurance info, plus a medical release signature allowing immediate medical treatment when a parent is not available or cannot speak for the child. In this day and age, that’s important in my opinion; there are times even in the cell phone era where we can’t all be reached. Out of range or in a meeting, and parental consent is needed? Now the powers that be have it!

To order contact Chicks and Cubs and look at all they have to offer!

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Please don’t feed the Bears - stuff them

"Mom, mom, mom, mom, can we do the bears today????”

Oh, I was asked that question for days. My package arrived on a Monday and I wanted to wait for the weekend so I could properly sit down with them and help, observe and see what the deal was.

Kim Popp, a Noah’s Ark Bear crewmember, contacted me. I had never heard of them before. Essentially you have a teddy bear or animal that is not stuffed and you stuff it yourself … all in the comfort of your own home of wherever you have your event.

Perfect to entertain a gaggle of giggling little ones that are bored with the usual parties in the strip malls, how many of those can you do a year

I need ideas for the big 8 coming up so I thought this was the perfect item for me as a mother and a consumer to test and I have my testers right here.

Okay, to the product...

Two teddy bears, stuffing, wooden sticks to get the stuffing right down in there, just a bit of advice you need a little elbow grease to get the stuffing in some places but that is why parents are there.

Okay, my oldest was digging in before I had all the supplies laid out (don’t you just love that?) and she was stuffing and shoving that right in there. One great thing about the bears, they just snap right up the back. It does make it that simple for the kids after you help a bit with the stuffing in the legs and arms.

Now the little one is very intense and methodical, she had to have it all placed in there so carefully make sure it was symmetrical, and that the bear was not going to be heavy and hurt her when she carried it (that was honestly just her dramatics, the bears aren’t heavy).

It took her much longer then the other one, as it had to be perfect. It was and hers took a little less elbow grease, she wanted hers a little fluffier.

The bears come with more then enough stuffing for firm bears, fluffy bears, or just middle of the road. I was quite impressed at the quality of not only the supplies but also the product overall. I would highly recommend a Noah’s Ark Bear party for your home. Outfits and accessories are available as well as so many options to choose from, why would you want a run of the mill party in an overpriced restaurant, strip mall or crowded play place?

Contact Kim Popp - she ships anywhere and is available by email and phone to walk you through with any questions. She is wonderful, amazing, and so knowledgeable I would not want to go anywhere else

Email: Kim Popp

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Your face will feel refreshed. (It may even show you.)

Pangea Organics is the fastest growing organic skincare line in the world right now and I was fortunate enough to test them out. I love the thought of being organic as you will come to find out and the products that I usually find in the stores are advertised as “organic” then you discover that it has organic ingredients but it’s not an organic product. It’s a matter of fine print, and it gets all of us at one time of another.

Then there’s Pangea Organics based out of Boulder, Colorado they hand-pick ingredients for their products. When they say they use organic they mean it. They use organic herbal extracts and whole organic essential oils. Really.

So now what did I use and what did I think?

Egyptian calendula and blood orange facial cleanser - Egyptian calendula is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and soothing. Blood Orange cleansing, nutritive and degreasing. What does all that mean? What type of skin should you use it on? Well, it’s great for all skin types which is perfect for a gift. If you want to just try it out you should have no fears then. If you have sensitive skin then the herbal extracts may be just the thing you are looking for. It’s safe and gentle enough for the softest and most sensitive skin.

Now when I tried it I like the creamy texture and the smooth feeling of the cleanser. It doesn’t have that foam to me means artificial ingredients. There was enough there to let me know I was getting clean, but not so much that I can’t see my hands through the suds. I felt my face and neck getting a through cleaning my pores were opened. The deep intense cleaning of my pores was the best part, I adored it. The scent wasn’t overwhelming, an added bonus. You want to feel clean usually not greasy and full of scents especially when you follow up with other items!

Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai and Goji Berry facial mask - Japanese matcha tea soothes and energizes, while goji berry is an anti-aging nutrient rich product. Now what is Acai? It has an antioxidant and a revitalizing quality in it. So, a facial mask what has anti-aging, soothes and energizes, while revitalizing and has antioxidants? Yep. How does it feel and how does it work, well read on.

The mask is a departure from others I’ve used in the texture and weight. It’s not nearly as heavy and the texture of it was much more even and fine then others I’ve used. You don’t feel it weighing you down and it has the consistency of a scrub more then a mask. All you do is scrub it on a moist face and neck, leave it on for ten minutes. Cleans out the pores, gets those blackheads, detoxifies, exfoliates, tones, moisturizes, reduces wrinkles. You’ll look and feel as polished and refreshed as I did. On top of that I didn’t have that itchy heavy feeling that other masks give me!

Italian Red Mandarin with Rose Facial Cream - With the revitalizing, nurturing and elevating qualities of the red mandarin and the balancing, anti-wrinkle and hydrating of the rose I know that when I put it on before bed I’m set.

It is a facial cream that you can really apply at any time; I put it on before bed and let the moisturizers work their magic throughout the night. This specific one is great for all skin types and comes in a handy pump container. That is the type of ease that makes it such a great product to not only travel with but keep in your purse, car and or diaper bag for a mid-day refresher. The rose wasn’t overwhelming but the scent was a light uplift that made me feel good.

French Rosemary with Sweet Orange toner - To top all these great products off was the toner. I personally love toner for a spray during the day, when I need a rush or a bit of uplift. The softening qualities (Sweet Orange) leave a bit behind for a nice touch, along with the regenerating and clarifying (Rosemary). Do you have a blemish? Or even suffer a cut of some soft? The anti-inflammatory (Sweet Orange) quality will help you with that.

The purified water refreshes you and helps take that edge off. As you nourish, hydrate and get that balance back in your skin. No matter if it’s hot, cold, humid, or dry, use that toner and feel regenerated. This toner is also safe for all skin types.

For more information:

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