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Monday, November 12, 2007

Waiting tables


Are you the mom at school who brings a treat and wonders where do I store it? Where am I going to keep these treats, snacks whatever you want to call them so they won’t get messy? I have germ issues and my kids take the treats out no matter where we are zoo, movies, mall, and need to put said food on the unwashed table. I get chills just thinking about it.

green ontray

When I discovered the OnTray, I wondered how it was different from the run of the mill storage container you buy in the store. I was about to find out.

First off, the enticing colors of OnTray would attract any parent and child - much more exciting than plain clear plastic! Yellow, red, blue, and green are fit for any sex and age. Even though my kids are older then the age this product may be geared towards, the OnTray can help any age.

pink ontray

Made of a durable FDA approved plastic that is microwave (take the lid off) and dishwasher safe (top shelf only) it would be hard to break. Mom-invented OnTray easily attaches to carts, stores easily in purses and diaper bags. It wipes so clean so easily that you want to use it for even the messiest snacks. The size makes it easy for your child to carry and use on their own; they can also be responsible for it themselves! That makes it a little easier on the parents and makes your child feel good, too.

Laura and Ty at GE

Not sold yet?

Need another great reason to use the OnTray? Need a place to keep coupons and your grocery list when you are at the store? A great place to keep all of it is in the OnTray. When you do have that time alone to go to the grocery store and grocery shop by yourself - oh lucky you - keep all of it in the OnTray. Seriously, it’s all together not cluttering up your purse. It’s all right there at your fingertips - attached to the cart. It’s pretty nifty to have all that right there for your shopping pleasure.


One item that stores food for your child, your coupons, and any other little items you may want to keep accessible. Does your daughter do ballet? Keep her hair stuff in one and keep it in her ballet bag. Does your son swim? Keep his nose plugs and maybe a little change for the snack bar in the OnTray!

To purchase an OnTray, go to buy an OnTray.

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