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Monday, November 19, 2007

One- Two- Sisters Gourmet!

There are several home food preparation services for parents on the go. I’ve tried several and the all offer quite a variety. Now you can add Two Sisters Gourmet to that list! Kristin McCann, a Two Sisters Gourmet Founding Team Leader sent me a variety of products. Blackberry Cherry Pepper Conserve, Peppery Herb Rub, Over-The-Edge Herbed Spinach all to tickle my palate, lucky me! What was I to start with?


Blackberry Cherry Pepper Conserve was a topper for the crackers that are ever so popular in this house. Cream cheese took a little of the bite out for my oldest and I even hosted a girls night where I served the conserve both ways. I don’t know if it would be everyone’s first choice but it seemed to pass muster here.


The Peppery Herb Rub was exactly as described. Instantly transforms ordinary cuts of meat into triumphant masterpieces that tempt every taste bud. Savory blend combines the kick of pepper with a hint of oregano, thyme and garlic. Sensational for grilled steaks, burgers, chops, and chicken. The taste was a tad strong for some taste buds, but if its flavor you are looking for then here is where you found it. Don’t get me wrong it was a great mix of flavors and it went well together. I liked it on chicken.

spinach rub

Over-The-Edge Herbed Spinach was great on my roasted potatoes. I added a little olive oil and baked on red potatoes. I served it with a pork roast and the Over-The-Edge Herbed Spinach mixed nicely with that as well, I’d put it on there as a seasoning!

By looking at the site I’m tempted to try several items and host a home show. I love anything that makes my days easier. For my kids if that’s who I was cooking for I would steer towards the lighter tastes with out the pepper, but let me stress how picky my kids can be. If you have kids that don’t change tastes daily then go for it!

It’s a good company with a vast selection of food products!

Kristin McCann
Two Sisters Gourmet Founding Team Leader

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