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Thursday, November 22, 2007

It’s not your Mother’s backpack anymore

Walking up to the school in the morning dropping of my kids isn’t what it used to be. When I was a child it was 35 red backpacks, 39 pink, 45 blue, 18 black, you get my drift. Now there are the animated character ones, and many at that. The solid color ones, a few solid color ones with a stripe on it, maybe a patch to distinguish it from the others, right? What was going to make my daughters different?


Well, we fought over getting a pink one with black polka dots, yeah there’s a stretch.

Then I was lucky enough to test and review Four Peas Online. A funky green backpack with pink flowers, okay now I can spot her a mile away. No, it’s not that bright but I know she’s the only one (for now!) at her school with that particular backpack. I’ve been asked several times and I grudgingly tell the other parents about Four Peas, that is the point of my blog. I just hint they might find other patterns like a funky monkey, or sharks or even brown with pink polka dots more their child’s style. There is also a great orange with pink stars (I call dibs)! That’s going to be from Santa to my oldest if she’s a lucky one!


Now you are wondering is it sturdy, durable, how much does it hold? According to Four Peas, they are 14 inches tall, 12 inches wide, and 5 inches thick with plenty of room for many items. I can attest to that myself. The durability is quite amazing. My kids have no concept of “gently placing your bag down” so we usually burn through a bag a year. So far no rips, tears, bumps or bruises on the fabrics or materials.

Also from the website the front pocket is spacious and contains 5 slots for pens or pencils. Yes and the notes home about what my daughter has told the teacher I’ll bring to school the next day without asking me first. That’s always the best. It’s great for little items like hair ties and anything that they don’t want to carry but want easy access to.


There are also two pockets, one on each side of the backpack, that have Velcro flaps to secure smaller items. The pockets are perfect for a bottle of water a cellular phone, calculator, etc. I like that feature myself, as it alleviates a lot of space inside. My daughter picked the side pockets for a water bottle and a snack. It’s a great snack pocket so I’m told.

Four Peas has been featured in several media outlets lately so if you want something get it now! I was lucky enough to feature them and find them online here. What a coup for MITK and our readers! Don’t forget the backpacks also come in toddler sizes, so you can match siblings!


To order and view more Four Peas products online, go to

A special holiday treat for all! I have a lot of things I have one and extras that I have reviewed. So MITK has decided to have a giveaway here, possibly 4 days of it you'll have to check back and see. A number will be randomly selected.

Just answer the question that is asked.

They will be fun!

Question #1

Day one-
Favorite 80s song and why?

Answer, have fun, pass the game along.

Prizes are surprises. Look at past vendors. I have some from Happy Panda Baby that I also won and I would love to share and I am soon to review! Mary Kay a friend donated and if you want to donate, tell me.

Also MITK is getting a makeover and I'll have a HUGE reopening then so if you want to donate to THAT leave a message!

Now ... answer question #1 for prize #1

Day one-
Favorite 80s song and why?

Answers must be submitted by 12:00 PM MST on Monday November 25 2007

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