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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy to be carded

Who doesn’t like to smile? Well, maybe the Grinch or a real Scrooge but there are exceptions to every rule. I’ve seen these cards in stores and always thought I would like to be on the receiving end. I thought it would be a neat idea to delve into them a bit more. Not only look at the outside.


Well, here I was looking at all of them. Smiles Made Easy is just as it sounds plus funky enough to make it into an Emmy gift bag. So, fun to test? I’d say so. With quotes like, “You're a great Mom because ...” for you to finish and that’s just the beginning!

I look up to you because ...
Can you believe we ...
You're especially good at ...
We had the best time when ...
You have a great way of ...

And many, many more. Five topics to pick from

I love it when ...
I have fun when ...
Remember when ...
I am proud when ...
You’re a great Mom because ...


Do you have someone special you just need a prompt? Well, each tin contains 15 Envelopes, 15 different thought cards, and one index card printed on high quality card stock. The stock held up well on several types of writing utensils and I would say it was above quality for the product and price.


I sent several to friends, my kids, and my husband. My kids started making their own to each other, even if it was when they were frustrated with one another, which was kind of cute and I had to laugh.


I know this review is not as long as most and it is not as in depth but the product really “speaks for itself”. Smiles Made Easy is helping you say what you want when you cannot. They ship from Canada so you may want to keep that in mind when you order to allow extra time and the prices are in Canadian dollars. Great teacher gifts, a thank you for a simple task or just because these are really cool! Karem, the creator, is a joy to deal with so order and enjoy! Smile made easy are just that, easy. Give someone that needs it a smile today.

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