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Monday, November 5, 2007

Canvas-ing for the right bag

I could not even do my grocery shopping for days in anticipation for my Skeeda Bag. I was like most people I know, paper or plastic. Sure I saw the canvas bags at the store and thought that’s a great idea but when shopping for a family of four is it really feasible? I mean how much can I fit in that bag? Well if you are creative, a lot.


So, off to the local grocer I go with two Skeeda Bags in hand. Now, I’ll admit it wasn’t my monthly $200.00 shopping spree but it was pretty immense, enough of the staples and necessities in my six and seven year olds eyes (fruit snacks, granola). I wasn’t used to this but I was ready.

First I was asked more than once where I got my bags, was I buying them in the store, had I purchased them locally? No to both but I did direct them to the site. Not a hard name to forget, and there may be a question about that later. The feel of a Skeeda Bag was phenomenal as it was both soft and sturdy. Did you know that in 1999, the American Forest and Paper Association reported that Americans used 10 billion paper shopping bags, consuming 14 million trees? Using my new bag made that a little more special right there.


Okay, so now I’m at check out. Will all of my groceries fit? I have fruits, veggies, cheese, yogurt, granola, chicken broth, rice, meat, fruit snacks, feminine products and a book. Okay, yeah I had frozen fries in there don’t tell anyone I gave in to them. But was it all going to fit? I handed them to the checker how also commented on the look and said they were by far the most attractive bags she had ever seen. Could she have mine? I laughed and said no, but if she was really nice to me I’d write down the site for her.


$57.92 later all of my goodies were in both bags with room to spare. Really, cans, boxes, fresh stuff, meat and a frozen bag with my book on top. The canvas held it all so well and storing it in my *sigh* mini-van was so much easier then 5-7 paper or plastic bags. Even better I had two bags to carry into the house as my bulldog and black lab were adorning me with attention.

It held up to the grocery test now, would it hold up to the washer and dryer? You know how sometimes you wash canvas and it gets all wrinkled up and never gets its shape back? I was in fear of that happening. I would have been so disappointed if anything happened to my Skeeda Bag. It happens though. My solution, no dryer (better for our environment anyway) and it washed like a dream no colors ran and it was still soft as my labs coat (he eats organic so it’s pretty soft).


What else could I use it for? I had to go to the library. Yep, hounded even by a cute little older man who thought a “blue one would be nice for all his daily errands”. It held eleven thick hardcover books and my wallet, my daily planner, cell phone (yes, it was off I was in the library! and car keys). It was also used for school events, classroom volunteering, trips to the zoo, PTA meetings that I had to hold a TON of stuff, held snacks for a plethora of kids and yes, regular old shopping. Even for shoes, pretty things and a new purse. However, my Skeeda Bag held it all.

Man, woman, child, teen they have all styles for you. Contact them at for your bag today and just in time for the holidays you can bestow them upon everyone you know.

The ladies at Skeeda want to give you a bag free. The first person to email Mom in the Know with the answer to this question wins his or her own Skeeda bag!

How was Skeeda Named?

We already have a winner! Please comment here at Mom in the Know anyway!!!

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