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Monday, November 26, 2007

Are you getting Lippy with me?

Here it goes... I love lip-gloss. I have a tad of an addiction to it. I have one in every purse even if I’m not using it. My daughters have inherited this trait at six and seven (okay, they don’t know that it’s usually lip balm that I give them) my point is, it is addictive. Loose Lips NY has the selection to help a gal like me.


Hint of Mint lip gloss in mint Divine... When it says hit of mint, it’s not just an expression. Yum. The colors are delectable and what a variety, as well as the smooth feel and look of the gloss! There was no sticky residue and I was quite impressed that there were minimal traces left on my straw that I was drinking from. Few leave behind the trace amount that I did and I am constantly reapplying. I didn’t truly have that need with Loose Lips NY’s product.

Lumi-Shine is another great product for those lippy lips. Such arrays again, smooth sailing with enough sparkle for a night on the town or adding a touch of pizzazz to your day. Personally, I wear it whenever I want. If you are a little more reserved and not ready to branch out for the daywear yet, just keep it in your purse and be ready for that night on the town.


Active, athletic and want a gloss with SPF handy? Try the equinox vanilla scented, in the handy golf ball container! Easy to carry in your pocket, purse keep it anywhere for the girl, or guy on the go. It has SPF and if you are out in the sun all day, even driving in the car after a hard day skiing, swimming, hiking it’s a great product to have.


Sherry has a wide selection of makeup products at and you may contact her at I only tested the above products, but I liked the ones I tried!

Last giveaway question ...
Why does Mom in the Know Rock?

Must be answered by November 26, 2007 12AM MST

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