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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Your Life in a Box

Do you have a place that you keep all your little things? Stationary, pens, stamps, stickers, mementos, anything special? What kind of box is it? A shoebox? A little plastic box? A box from when you were a child? Or just a bag even that hold memories?


I had a wicker basket that had seen better days. It was broken, and had little pieces of well, wicker sticking out everywhere. My items meant for the box weren’t staying in there. It saddened me as I’d had that box for a bit. Not only that where was I going to put everything? I have space issues with clutter! (I’ll get to the items I promise)


Then, Heather Topich of Mommy Crafts and I spoke. I have to say at first I was bewildered she had so many things to offer that I didn’t even know where to begin and the scrappin madness page ( I really had no idea what scrapbooking involved and how could I review it? How could it help me? What would I do? What would I think? Then again, this is what I started a blog so I could figure all this out.

Heather sent me a memory box, and I was so eager to try it out. The wooden box is covered in paper that is stamped in gold and also glued on with ribbon. There are little cardboard embellishments on the top that make it quite unique. The box is approximately 8x10 and it is the perfect size to hold my personalized note cards (soon to be reviewed), post its, business cards and anything else I may need to access, but I want to have organized neatly and need to move from place to place.

DVC00108 has such a variety of items I was astonished. I thought all scrapbooking had to do with was a book and my kids pictures! She has flowerpots, photo mats, memory boxes, gift tags, journals, tin boxes, recipe boxes, and a child prayer book where Heather wrote the prayer. She has so much more that she personally created I feel that I can’t do it justice.

Please contact Heather Topich of Mommy Crafts at or via email at and enjoy!

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