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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Smell it like you write it

I want to share with you the coolest thing I’ve found in a long time. I know they are supposed to be for kids but I want them for me. They are called smencils and it’s just as it sounds, non-toxic scented pencils. They are quite green (environmentally friendly) too as they are made out of recycled newspaper. Remember scratch and sniff stickers from when you were a kid? Now you can write and sniff! Or your child can. The scents radiate as you are holding them, and come in their own plastic holders, to contain the smell and not mix with other scents.

The feature scents?

Orange - smells just like the produce section to me!

Watermelon - reminds me of a hot summer day.

Cherry - probably the most scent-full!

Fruit punch - packed full of “punch” it’s like drinking a juice as the kids do their math!

Grape - now here is a scent that can go either way, overwhelming or sticky sweet. Not either … it smells like grapes!

Peppermint - like the holidays in a pencil!

Cinnamon - if I had a cup of coffee and some icing … yep, it’s that good.

Bubble Gum - it’s the only kind I allow my kids to have and it’s close enough to home for them.

Root Beer - if you remember A&W then you will love this smencil. It’s seriously as if someone soaked it in a glass of the product.

Pineapple - I’m on Maui and I have a pineapple, wait no, it’s a smencil!


Now, one thing that’s really cool about smencils is that you can customize them - promote your business (I should make MITK ones!) or you can do fundraisers, or you can get your own kit to make them yourself. The smell is guaranteed to last two years in or out of the tube. All this and the best part is … they write just like a pencil! Just like they should and I love ‘em. I got mine via email: website:


There are many cool options out there for writing and I’d add this to my list, add them to a gift bag, a stocking stuffer, and just add on here or there. If nothing else, an easy reward because you love your child.


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