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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

win one hour of time with saved by jen PLUS flower pens (Pens end on the 4th)

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Hi ya'll...

Saved by Jen is giving away an hour of Virtual Assistant time the weekend of November 2nd - 4th.

The lucky recipient?

Well, you.

How do you enter?

Leave a comment/note with a valid email address.

Saved by Jen will contact the winner via email to obtain a mailing address.

The winner will receive one hour of time with Saved by Jen.

PLEASE NOTE: The hour you receive will be at a mutually agreeable time. What Saved by Jen does during that hour also will be agreed to in advance. :grin: Saved by Jen specializes in running errands, sending emails, typing, updating websites, modifying code and websites in general, as well as a variety of other items.


Mom in the Know is giving away a flower pot filled with 8 gyniphr-n-stefuni flower pens the on Monday November 4th, 11:59PM MST.

The lucky recipient?

You - if your mailing address is within the United States of America.

How do you enter?

Leave a comment/note with a valid email address.

Mom in the Know will contact the winner via email to obtain a mailing address.


If you would like more information about Saved by Jen, please visit her website at and to learn more about gyniphr-n-stefuni, please visit their website at

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Your Life in a Box

Do you have a place that you keep all your little things? Stationary, pens, stamps, stickers, mementos, anything special? What kind of box is it? A shoebox? A little plastic box? A box from when you were a child? Or just a bag even that hold memories?


I had a wicker basket that had seen better days. It was broken, and had little pieces of well, wicker sticking out everywhere. My items meant for the box weren’t staying in there. It saddened me as I’d had that box for a bit. Not only that where was I going to put everything? I have space issues with clutter! (I’ll get to the items I promise)


Then, Heather Topich of Mommy Crafts and I spoke. I have to say at first I was bewildered she had so many things to offer that I didn’t even know where to begin and the scrappin madness page ( I really had no idea what scrapbooking involved and how could I review it? How could it help me? What would I do? What would I think? Then again, this is what I started a blog so I could figure all this out.

Heather sent me a memory box, and I was so eager to try it out. The wooden box is covered in paper that is stamped in gold and also glued on with ribbon. There are little cardboard embellishments on the top that make it quite unique. The box is approximately 8x10 and it is the perfect size to hold my personalized note cards (soon to be reviewed), post its, business cards and anything else I may need to access, but I want to have organized neatly and need to move from place to place.

DVC00108 has such a variety of items I was astonished. I thought all scrapbooking had to do with was a book and my kids pictures! She has flowerpots, photo mats, memory boxes, gift tags, journals, tin boxes, recipe boxes, and a child prayer book where Heather wrote the prayer. She has so much more that she personally created I feel that I can’t do it justice.

Please contact Heather Topich of Mommy Crafts at or via email at and enjoy!

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Bottoms Up

If you are reading my blog, you probably have little ones or maybe you are expecting. Either way you need to know about what I think is a miracle product for your baby’s bottom. Momma Angel Baby Butt Cream cleared my six-year-old’s heat rash in no time, virtually overnight. Really.


Momma Angel Baby Butt Cream is vegan, organic and naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal essential oils. It is so safe for baby that you can use it on cuts, scrapes, cradle cap, and fungus anything! Not just diaper rash. An amazing first aid ointment contains no beeswax but organic olive oil.

In addition, to accompany this was Angel Baby Diaper Rash Soap. Again, more then soap for baby’s butt its first aid soap. I used it on cuts and scrapes! Made with all organic ingredients of oatmeal, lavender, calendula and more.


So, why do I think this is such a miracle product you ask? Well, my daughter suffers from a diaper rash-like condition but she is six and she no longer wears diapers. She gets a horrid rash and nothing would cure it. She would cry and could not sit due to the sores and rash. I was at a loss. The doctors would prescribe a plethora of items just to have the rash return. What was a mom to do? There was no long-term solution. Nothing that worked for longer then a few days and certainly nothing that took effect right away not like this ointment!


I seriously slathered this on and overnight there were traces of her rash left, mere traces. Years of her troubles were awash in a few swipes. I know that I am now a customer and I will keep coming back. Thank you, Mamas!


Do you want to hear more or buy products? Then, go to for more information and see their lines in pregnancy, labor ease, breastfeeding, postpartum recovery, and of course angel baby.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Smell it like you write it

I want to share with you the coolest thing I’ve found in a long time. I know they are supposed to be for kids but I want them for me. They are called smencils and it’s just as it sounds, non-toxic scented pencils. They are quite green (environmentally friendly) too as they are made out of recycled newspaper. Remember scratch and sniff stickers from when you were a kid? Now you can write and sniff! Or your child can. The scents radiate as you are holding them, and come in their own plastic holders, to contain the smell and not mix with other scents.

The feature scents?

Orange - smells just like the produce section to me!

Watermelon - reminds me of a hot summer day.

Cherry - probably the most scent-full!

Fruit punch - packed full of “punch” it’s like drinking a juice as the kids do their math!

Grape - now here is a scent that can go either way, overwhelming or sticky sweet. Not either … it smells like grapes!

Peppermint - like the holidays in a pencil!

Cinnamon - if I had a cup of coffee and some icing … yep, it’s that good.

Bubble Gum - it’s the only kind I allow my kids to have and it’s close enough to home for them.

Root Beer - if you remember A&W then you will love this smencil. It’s seriously as if someone soaked it in a glass of the product.

Pineapple - I’m on Maui and I have a pineapple, wait no, it’s a smencil!


Now, one thing that’s really cool about smencils is that you can customize them - promote your business (I should make MITK ones!) or you can do fundraisers, or you can get your own kit to make them yourself. The smell is guaranteed to last two years in or out of the tube. All this and the best part is … they write just like a pencil! Just like they should and I love ‘em. I got mine via email: website:


There are many cool options out there for writing and I’d add this to my list, add them to a gift bag, a stocking stuffer, and just add on here or there. If nothing else, an easy reward because you love your child.


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Monday, October 15, 2007

Is there a Gourmet hiding in your cupboard

Teri Dempsey of The Gourmet Cupboard is going to be your new savior and best friend come dinner time. When I put out an email asking for people who wanted me to review their products, she replied with enthusiasm.

“What do I need to do?”

I just let her know to send me a few things to taste test and that we would go from there. Within days, the products were in my hot little hands and waiting to be made. Mexican meatloaf, old fashioned cinnamon pecan pancake, baked potato soup all sounding equally great. I liked the balance - something for breakfast, a bigger dinner item, and something lighter to have if we wanted a dinner with a side. The Gourmet Cupboard offers that variety everywhere on their site. Each mix is dry, and you simply add one or two of the following: water, sour cream, cream cheese, etc. There are a few that do differ from the common ingredients. Mexican meatloaf is one where you need several extra ingredients. But it’s worth it!


The soup was first up here, and it was not only simple and tasty but filling, too. It was a simple as the following (taken from the package and website).
Baked Potato Soup
Description: The taste of a baked potato with cheese, bacon, and chives- all in a soup! Add milk and water to make 7 cups of soup.

Instructions: Boil 4 cups of water and 2 cups milk. (Substitute half and half for milk for an extra rich soup) Add soup mix. Stir and serve! Yields 7 cups.

My kids who don’t like anything that isn’t their norm loved it and Teri better count me in for the long haul as a customer.

14 and 60 Baked Potato Soup and Potato

Next was the Meatloaf, and I like it spicy. I was in for it!
Mexican Meatloaf
Description: This is just one of the many products we're proud to put our name on! This popular recipe has been in the family for years. Requires picante sauce, grated cheese, green chilies, and ground meat. Makes 9x5 loaf

Instructions: Combine 1 lb ground beef, half-cup picante sauce, and contents of package. Mix well and press into ungreased 9x5 loaf pan. Combine ½ cup picante sauce, ½ can chopped green chiles, and ½ cup cheese and pour over top. Bake 375 for 30 minutes.

I’ll tell you now if you don’t like it on the spicy side, omit some of the chiles or be forewarned. My oldest didn’t like it because of that but my youngest went to town. She eats actual green chili dip or what you smother a burrito in by the spoonful and she is 6.


Last but not least, the old-fashioned cinnamon pecan pancake. Can I tell you frankly, I’m a French toast gal, I don’t like pancakes. I tried them anyway. I was impressed.
Description: Requires 1 egg, oil, and milk. Yields 7-10 pancakes.

Instructions: Mix contents of bag, 1 egg, l Tbsp oil, and 1 cup milk. Place ½ cup batter into hot skillet. Flip when bubbles appear and brown the other side.

The kids liked them, my husband liked them, and I’d say they were an all around hit.

Teri is extremely easy to talk to and a complete joy to be quite honest. I was very impressed. I’ve tried several of these “make-at-home” meals and there are few that I like as many as I like much as enjoyed this.

I did include the directions so that you can see the simplicity in the recipes. If you are a parent-on-the-go as most of us are, you throw a few things together and you go. I threw the seasoning together and put in the oven or whatever and clean, do homework with the kids, and let the aromas of the cooking take over. Then enjoy the food and relax.

To contact Teri, email her at dempsey1[at]sbcglobal[dot]net and she can help you start your culinary adventure at

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Monday, October 8, 2007

For those about to Rock - we will wear you

slick sugar 2

A green, ribbed tank top with a pink electric guitar can you say adorable on my littlest one? The stars and guitars shirt is on sale right now at!

I have the epitome of girly girl - the hair and nails have to be done; everything must match. However, when I got said shirt in the mail from, it was fair game in this house. My older one - she’s my little alternative girl – wanted it because this shirt is so her style. Nope, the little one took it. It’s one of the things a tester didn’t get as it was in one of their sizes. Score, as the older one said.

slick sugar 3

Aside from the unique style provides, their quality is above standards. The stars and the guitar didn’t even look like they had been washed after several washings, no faded colors, no shrinking. And I’ll be honest, I didn’t follow the instructions on the site, I went and did it my own way and the garment still held up. I do wash it inside out now though.

With so many unique designs ranging in sizes from 3-6 month all the way up to 6 years, you are pretty well covered. On the site, there is a great sizing chart to help you along if you have any doubts about what you may need because we all know sizes vary!

slick sugar 1

A little about SlickSugar - the founders Michelle and Dana are both mothers and donate a portion of the proceeds to Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation (, which supports music education and its many benefits through the donation of new and refurbished musical instruments to under-served school and community music programs and individual students nationwide.

slick sugar 4

Just pop on over and take a peek, I have my holiday shopping narrowed down a bit. There isn’t a store here in Colorado that sells their wares but I can buy online at Don’t forget to tell them Mom in the Know sent you!

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Curl up and nap

My daughter has a chronic illness and we are in and out of the local Children’s hospital a lot. We have tests done, just regular visits and sometimes we are in for a bit longer. To be honest, it’s not easy. Then I found something that made it a little easier for stays,


Christina Del Bueno sent me a “safari dreams” nap mat to review. My oldest daughter was the one who was lucky enough to have the honor of testing this out. When we opened the package, she was elated with the bright colors and the feel of the fabric. Not only was it soft, but it had her name embroidered on it.

I had her test it on several surfaces, the couch, a carpet and hardwood floors. The hardwoods were nap worthy, she fell asleep in the nap mat on the carpet, and she was snuggly warm on the couch. If you have a child in school that would need one, these are perfect! Any surface is great obviously. These creations are amazing; they even have a little pillow. I think that may have been the best part to the little one. It was as she put it, “A comfy place to rest my lil head!”


As for washing it, again it passed with flying colors. No colors ran and there were several colors washed at the same time. I washed it on a low spin and a high spin. I air-dried it; I put it in the dryer. For all you moms, it’s amazing. Now, I wash with a detergent for sensitive skin so it’s not harsh on fabrics and I cannot attest to what other detergents would do on these fabrics.

So, what does MITK say? Snatch one or ten up now! One for each child! A great holiday gift for anyone with a child, pass this along to a friend! Get one for home, the car, a relative’s house, daycare, or pre-school! They are wonderful and great people that are so helpful over there!


Do you want to know the best part? will give readers 10% off with this code smartmom. Use it for anything on the site. Tell them MITK sent you!

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