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Friday, September 14, 2007

Bizzy Lizzy

I must confide in you all… there are times when my I want to hurt my husband. There are times when I literally want to hurt him because I fear he is doing just that to himself. He isn’t a spring chicken by any means, but he is too young to have the digestive problems he is having. Years of physical abuse and refusing to live health have taken a toll, and now that he is realizing the consequences of those decisions, it is difficult for him to deal.


More than anything, he gets upset about the simple act of eating. The doctors have told him to take so much of what he loves out of his diet, and he gets frustrated. It’s a struggle to find things that work for his health but keep him happy. Breakfast may be the worst. So much of what is viewed as the norm for breakfast is troubling for a person with a bad stomach. The dirty-spoon diner isn’t an option these days, and many of the choices that are put forth for his consideration are bland. Breakfast shakes don’t fill him up, most breakfast bars lack flavor, and there is little for a person on the go that isn’t a pain.

That made the call from Bizzy Lizzy Bakery so rewarding. Shelia Rae gave me a call to discuss her Hearty Gourmet Oatmeal Cookies, and at first, I assumed they were your average treat for the sweet-tooth portion of your day. I was wrong… Bizzy Lizzy Bakery makes cookies that are aimed to solve the problems many of us as parents face. Our children are barraged with commercials and ad campaigns aimed to keep the cereal market in business. Many of those cereals are nothing more than sugar and filler, horrible alternatives for a meal (much less the most important meal of the day). Bizzy Lizzy wanted to find something that would draw kids in but wouldn’t fill their veins with the fuel of the devil.

Thus the Hearty Gourmet Oatmeal Cookie was born. These cookies are made with wholesome ingredients aimed at promoting health and balance in the diet. They look like cookies… they taste like cookies… everything about them says cookie, but they offer a new and exciting chapter on the breakfast bar. I told Shelia to hook me up with a couple and I would give them to the biggest kid in my house (after all, he may be old, but he is as childish as any 30-something man you’ll meet and he used to eat all the cereal in the house anyway). It sounded like a great alternative for him to try, and I was anxious to offer him something that would excite him.

Within a couple of days, the cookies arrived, neatly packaged in a colorful Chinese-style serving box. Each cookie is individually sealed and wrapped to insure freshness and to retain moisture. I threw them in front of my husband with simple instructions: These are your breakfast this week. Enjoy.

A week later, he was a bit upset they were gone. Apparently, Bizzy Lizzy had hit the spot. The cookies are moist and filled with great ingredients, including whole-grain oatmeal and chocolate if desired. He was amazed at how moist the cookies were despite travel and time. The packaging was easy to open but did a great job. The cookies were filling and full of flavor, and he said eating one did him right for the entire morning. “They were cookies… just like eating cookies, but for breakfast. I can get with that.”


He was happy and I was more than happy to put something in his hand that got him excited about putting something into his diet that worked on all fronts. These cookies are flavorful, healthy, and work great for a family short on time. He leaves in the morning with one in hand and doesn’t miss a beat, and I don’t have to worry about the temptation of other alternatives that fit that bill but miss on the ability to keep him progressing towards health.

Bizzy Lizzy gets a big thumb’s up from Mom in the Know, and I couldn’t be happier.

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