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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mom has an Agenda and it works for us!

Are you like me and try to schedule your life to the moment, but you have kids and know that it is a joke? Well, not anymore. The creator of mom Agenda, Nina Restieri, is guess what? A Mom so she knows what we need. It has awesome features like a week at a view that have rows for each child, mom, a place for dinner if you have that much forethought! The colors are stunning, and stylish you will want to carry it, not hide it in your bag anymore!


Opening the book, the pages are pink in this section; there is a tutorial for the new user, helping us along. It is impressive to have the favorite websites, online resources, toll-free numbers, international holidays, and holidays for us to reference. If I need to find an acronym online, I have it readily available now. It is a neat little perk that I have yet to find in any other planner, which makes it a cut above others that I have looked into.


The next section brings you to a sectioned out calendar in pages of blue. Pink satin ribbons help you mark the pages you want to find. One part is the monthly view, the other a weekly view with planning sections and quotations atop for inspiration as well as a pick-me-up. In addition, it includes a small calendar for the current and following month. It is set up for four children at this point. If you have more than that, there is room to write in those sections. There is also a calendar view for the upcoming year. You can make notations to carry over anything needed.


Coming upon the green section, you have space to write in your favorite books, music, movies, fashion, wines, and restaurants, while also making a heath and fitness plan. There are pages to record gifts, entertainment resources, parties, vacation ideas and planning plus to a whole lot more. It is a fantastic tool for mom and alike. It may even give you ideas you did not even know you had.

There is plenty of room at the end on purple pages to jot down some notes, maybe make a grocery list here and there. All the colors flow together well, it is colorful in tasteful, light colors that match the chocolate brown that now never leaves my side.


I do not want to forget to mention the detachable “momEssentials” that was part of the book too. It is what sounds like, an essential address book. I liked the detachable part, just for the flexibility of running in and out of a school function, an office, even the store to get information. If you are the mom on the go that most of us are and need to get all the kids friends loaded here and there, it is so easy now. I hate having 200+ names in my cell phone that I am lost on, who is “Glenda”?

Now in my momEssentials I can make those notes and who’s friend it is, their parent’s name (which is always good - don’t you get a bit tired of being called yourchildsname’s mom?) and any information that you think is important. I will probably insert allergies, where they live, annoying traits … just kidding. No, I really do enjoy the little address book that pulls out and I plan to use it for the school and class functions more than for personal use.


I personally love the momAgenda and highly recommend them. There are several versions so you have to go look and find which one screams you. The colors are fun and funky. The agendas are functional and easy to use, if you get confused just turn to the beginning and there is an illustration for you. It cannot be any easier to organize your life then if you actually had an assistant.

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