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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hip clips

Accessories for your little girl’s hair are more than the rage. Hair accessories are a necessity now. I am a mom of two girls who are in the know and need, not want mind you, need to have perfect hair. I found Cynthia Lee of and her hair wares. When you pop on over there be sure to read her inspirational story as well, you’ll realize how much heart she puts into ever facet of her life.

She does not make bows - she creates clips, headbands, and caps. When I say, create, I mean, handmade creations like no other. Are you looking for apples, daisies, ice cream, candy, dragonfly, or flowers? She has you covered. Do you want polka dots and plaids with a few rhinestones? Cynthia is the creative genius behind these designs.

My youngest daughter is a maniac for clips, bows, headbands, and anything else that tickles her fancy now. I was looking forward to sharing Cynthia’s clips with her. My older daughter usually goes for black, pink, & red. I did not know if she would be as excited about the trendy clip that we would be reviewing. Color me wrong. As a struggle ensued over the petite Madison clip - I thought this was it - I finally found something both kids like and I can make them both happy!

Now for the test, one has very long blonde fine hair. The other has short a-line cut, thick, dark hair. With different textures and styles, we usually have a difficult time finding a clip or anything to stay in either girl’s hair. One falls out for being to fine; one falls out for being too thick. Not creations. It’s as if she knows every type and style of hair.

All clips are completely lined with satin or grosgrain on one side, then with velvet on the other side. All material is neatly tucked away, no fraying with the padded suede insert. This was important to me because most gator style clips have pointed ends, which can irritate babies/toddlers delicate scalps. All of her crystals are Swarovski. Madison’s Room is launching 50+ new clips and headbands within the next month or so, even cuter, hipper styles on the way!

I also spoke to Cynthia who is warm welcoming and accommodating, making your experience worth more then the trip. They have a simple contact us button right there on the main page (right side of the page) it can’t be easier to get in touch with plus take comfort in the fact that when you do you are in the best hands possible.

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