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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Here's the beef

One of the most stressful points of the day for a wife and/or mother is dinner. Rarely are we graced with the luxury of time. Often we are faced with the obstacle of taste. For many of us, the issue of health also looms large. Meeting all of those needs without sacrificing the sanity that will bring it all together is one of the more daunting tasks we will face during the day, and finding meals to ease that pain can be just as troublesome.

la cense - mail-order beef

There are a variety of choices available to help in the cause to excel in this situation, but many of those options leave little to be desired. Frozen foods can be troublesome and may lack the ability to meet all of the needs you face. Prepared meals can be very convenient but may lack the taste or quality your family desires. For many, the option of choice may be right in front of your face… sitting next to you on the sofa… the primary voice of support for the meal. That option may be your husband. Give a man a grill and a fire and you may be shocked at the effort he suddenly puts forth to make a great meal.

Of course, no great deal is struck without compromise, and more often than not, that compromise will come at the choice of food. Men like meat. They like to grill meat. Beef, in any of its wonderful forms, tends to be the subject of choice when our male counterparts hit the porch and stoke the coals that will get dinner on the table. However, in today’s market, it has become almost impossible to find quality beef capable of filling an entire family at a reasonable cost without conceding either time, convenience, or health. Beef from the typical grocery store often comes from unreliable sources where the conditions would make it difficult for anyone to eat red meat without feelings of concern. The fat content is too high, the beef has come from tainted cattle loaded with chemicals, or the meat has been treated after processing with preservatives or additives that will mask just how dated and aged the product may be. All of this contributes to bad health in numerous ways, not to mention the price paid and the time lost traveling to and from the store to add it to the menu.

la cense - black angus beef

Enter La Cense Beef. In a world that turns towards healthy living and a view towards the future, La Cense is a wonderful new company that has taken that same approach and applied to a market few would consider for such motives: Healthy, convenient, quality beef products.

The La Cense Ranch resides in Montana, sitting along the Blacktail Mountains as one of the most storied and reputable cattle operations in the nation. They’ve been raising cattle since 1869 and done with a pure desire to raise the best cattle in the country. This area of the union happens to possess what may be the best environment available for this kind of farming as grass and hay rich in nutrients for the cattle to eat. This is the driving force of La Cense’s approach to the market, offering Black Angus cattle raised on natural grass, void of chemicals and preservatives. The ranchers provide a quality environment where cattle are treated as valuable commodities and are not forced to live in unsanitary conditions.

la cense - steak burger

With this in mind, Heidi Toyne with La Cense dropped me a line and thought we should give their service a whirl. Their site ( offers a wide variety of products revolving around their primary product of mail-order beef. It may not seem wise to order beef products through the mail, but La Cense makes it all simple and worthwhile. The menu of choices is phenomenal, including a wide array of steaks, roasts, burgers, ribs, and various cuts including brisket, liver, and stewing beef. There is even a section of options for your dog, including meat and bones. If you like good meat, these guys have it covered and will bring it right to your door.

All orders are vacuum sealed in a USDA certified facility where the beef is dry aged for 19 days, enhancing the tenderness of the cuts. The meat is then frozen immediately after processing to insure no time is wasted and freshness is saved. Your order is sent in an insulated container with dry ice (a phenomenal idea as the dry ice evaporates, leaving no mess to clean) or freezer gel packs. Customers have just two choices for shipping, including next day or 2nd day air, an understandable practice considering the commodity at hand. The site includes a page that provides a detailed chart of the process and delivery times and schedules. You’ll make your order and know exactly when it will arrive.

la cense - steak kabobs

The site is a great tool for those with remaining trepidation. Sections discussing their feeding processes, the La Cense philosophies of raising cattle and doing business, and the benefits of adding such products to your diet are there for your consideration, and you’ll also find a wonderful page of recipes and cooking instructions to help your efforts.

If you struggle to find great meals the meet your needs for health, convenience, and taste, you should give La Cense a shot. The meat is absolutely wonderful. Heidi was nice enough to send some burgers our way and they could not have been better. The meat, unlike the ground beef from the local market, was a solid beef patty void of fat or gristle. The flavor was perfect and they cooked as well on the grill as we could hope. Nice, thick, hamburger patties that were easy to make and flavorful… hard to believe you could get such a great product through the mail. If you struggle from dietary or digestion problems, this meat is a perfect solution. The lack of fat, chemical, and waste offers a burger that eats more like a steak.

la cense

Overall, this was a wonderful experience I would suggest to anyone. I realize the cost may be a bit prohibitive, but the expense is well worth it. The meat at the store may be cheaper, but after you factor the quality, the time and energy wasted going to the store, and the benefits for your health, you are sure to find the investment in adding La Cense to your list of options is a choice well made.

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