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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rockin Baby Sling or

Lisa and Natasha were the first who truly reached out to me, and did they need to? NO! Just the day before they were flooded with calls as Gwen Stefani had been featured in a magazine and all over the internet wearing one of their slings. Within two days I had a funky, pre-washed cotton, reversible sling in hand and was ready to go. It comes in a great little package, not wasting a lot of space with clear and concise directions (pictures to show you even!) The positions are age specified for mom and baby, as neck and head usage dictate. Guess what? If you lose your pamphlet, you can look on the website and they have all the information there as well as contact information if you have questions. There is a cleverly disguised pocket for you to store your ID, money, and credit card, or whatever you want while you walk through the mall or wherever.

Now you are probably asking, is it bulky, easy to use, will I be able to use it alone? Are there hard plastic clips like the other slings? What makes this one so special, Mom in the Know?

Well, aside from the fact they have several different designs even ones that dad will be comfortable with, it is easier to use alone then most. You may want someone around the first time but I’d say that with any sling, the large rings make it easy enough to do alone though. The design is made so you can do it by yourself and so you can adjust it as well.

Rockin Baby slings are durable and comfortable for you and baby. Not hard, stiff, uncomfortable scratchy or boxy. Your baby just snuggles right into the fabric like he or she would a blanket in your arms.

Once on and secure, your arms are free. You can go about your shopping, moving around the house and daily business. Do your bills, watch television, read that book you’ve been wanting to read, walk the dog! Of course. exercise caution as you would do with your child.

Do you want to know something even better? They have a lot more then slings in stock! Pouches, for a closer fit, a great line of clothing for boys and girls to 10 years old, blankets and bedding, shopping cart covers, diaper bags, bathrobes, plates for your little cowpoke, art, accessories, books, and toys.

Are you sold yet? If not, then read a little more about Lisa and Natasha.

From Lisa herself-

Natasha and I started making Rockin’ Baby Slings in 2002. They both had babies back then and were using slings, but there were not very many companies then offering stylish options. They tended to be very pastel blue or very earthy. We both were into fashion and wanted something that worked better with the clothes they wore. We decided on a weekend at the beach together to make a few slings out of vintage fabrics for ourselves. As soon as we stared wearing them women would walk up to us on the street to ask us where to get one. We decided to maybe start a company and did a first run of about 20 slings in a great mix of vintage and new fabrics with trim on them. At first we were literally selling them out of our cars as moms and dads would ask where they could buy a sling. That was when we decided to start a company for real, realizing that there were actually other people like us out there who wanted more fashionable slings. We launched our website late in 2002, and started to sell them wholesale as well. We are both believers in baby wearing. The bottom line is it makes for a happier baby and a happier more connected parent. A baby in a sling can be close to mom or dad, right where they can hear a heartbeat, sleep there, check out the world, nurse and the parent is able to use their hands and remain functional.

Although the slings and pouches are packaged with instuctions, we have also always offered sling support via phone, email and in-person if they live in the greater Los Angeles area, so that people can feel confident using their sling or pouch.

We still choose all of the fabrics and trims ourselves, sometimes even printing our own fabrics, and always search for patterns and colors we think are amazingly cool. We have learned over the years how to manufacture an incredibly well-made and safe product. We pre-wash all of our fabrics in a warm salt water wash to set the colors, prevent shrinking and soften new fabric We also make sure all of the edges are overlocked so that there will be no fraying or tearing. We have also had our slings and pouches pull tested for strength and they did not rip until 1100 lbs. Nearly all of our slings are reversible, and all of them have pockets in the tail. All of our pouches are completely reversible, adjustable to 4 sizes via hidden zippers and have a padded edge on one side of the pouch. Nowadays, there are hundreds of companies out there, but we continue to strive to make the best product that we can. We continue to make our products here in Los Angeles, paying people a good wage.

We opened our store in Eagle Rock a little over two years ago now, which has been an entirely new adventure with its own learning curve and set of challenges, but thoroughly enjoyable all the same. We sell our products as well as clothing and accessories from hundreds of other companies for babies to 10 year old kids. We carry lots of great stuff from local moms, from small mom and pop companies like our own and from super cool and trendy companies we all read about in the press. Our address is:

Rockin’ Kid Shop
5048 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041 or

Lisa has one son, Seamus who is now 5, and Natasha has two kids, her daughter, Tova, who is 3 and her son, Finn, who is 6.

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